10 Fun Jobs Superheroes Would Be Great For

Having powers and being a superhero is a great way to help people. However, for these heroes to do what they do, they need a source of income. For this reason, many heroes have daily jobs, but there is no reason for these jobs to be boring.

If some heroes used their abilities or talents in the course of their work, not only would they be great, but they would probably have fun too. When there are so many fun jobs out there, it’s surprising that more superheroes aren’t applying for jobs that allow them to put their skills to good use.

10 Aquaman Would Make A Great Aquarium Trainer

Aquariums are a fun way to teach people about sea life and how to protect Earth’s oceans. One of the best parts of visiting an aquarium is seeing some of the shows. Trainers work with animals, such as dolphins or seals, and teach them to perform different tricks for the public.

With Aquaman’s ability to communicate with sea creatures, he could talk to the animals and ask them to do different tricks. He could listen to the animals if they were feeling unwell, making sure they received the proper care. Aquaman and the Animals could act together, providing an attractive spectacle for the audience. Needless to say, Aquaman would love this job.

9 The Storm May Have A Slight Edge As A Weather Reporter

One of the most frustrating things is waking up and checking the weather channel for that day, only to be wrong. Meteorologists do what they can, but sometimes the weather changes unexpectedly, contradicting previous forecasts. Storm would never have this problem.

Storm is a member of the X-Men and has the ability to control time. If Storm became a weather reporter, she could say what she wanted and make the weather do what it wanted. It may seem like cheating, but no one will be able to tell that you reported an inaccurate forecast.

8 The Flash Could Deliver Pizza… In A Flash

The concept of pizza delivery has revolutionized the American food industry. However, it can seem like an eternity between the order and the arrival of the pizza. If Flash took a job delivering pizza, that would never be a problem. Flash is the fastest man alive, so pizza delivery might seem a bit below his capacity.

At the same time, the citizens of Central City probably wouldn’t complain about getting their pizza instantly. Given how fast he can travel, Flash could start his own global pizza delivery business, delivering authentic pizza from Italy to anyone in the blink of an eye. Customers would only have to leave him a good tip.

7 The Hulk Would Make A Fantastic Demolition Worker

Working in demolition can be dangerous work. There are certain factors that can always go wrong with machines or explosives. That said, the Hulk will be happy with any excuse to do some damage.

It’s no secret that Hulk likes to destroy things. If people were smart, they’d give you a demolition job, allowing you to take advantage of those destructive tendencies. Hulk probably didn’t even get paid for it. After all, you would be doing something you love and are already very good at.

6 Black Canary Has The Lungs To Be A Great Opera Singer

Being a singer is hard enough, but singing opera takes even more stamina. Opera singers perform in front of huge theaters and sing at the top of their lungs, sometimes without the aid of a microphone. It might be hard work, but for Black Canary, it wouldn’t be too hard.

Black Canary’s canary scream can stop bad guys in their tracks, thanks to its sheer volume. However, over the years he learned to better control his cry. With this ability, Black Canary could fill opera houses with songs and enthusiastic audiences without breaking a sweat.

5 Window cleaning is a thankless job, but Spiderman would have fun

It seems that Peter Parker is constantly looking for ways to make money. If Peter is tired of being yelled at by J. Jonah Jameson in the Daily Bugle, he can start a pretty decent window cleaning business.

Window cleaning might not be a very glamorous job, but there’s no denying that Spider-Man would do a pretty good job of it. He could scale tall buildings without the need for scaffolding or harnesses, and his spider-sense would alert him to any trouble. Another benefit would be that Peter could deduct his canvas as a business expense on his taxes.

4 Martian Manhunter Would Be Unmatched As A Movie Star

Being an actor is hard work. Not only do you have to play the part, but you also have to look the part. Actors can spend hours putting on makeup before they’re ready to start filming. Martian Manhunter wouldn’t have that problem, and the skills he brings to the table would land him multiple lead roles.

Martian Manhunter is a shapeshifter, allowing him to alter his skin tone, hair color, facial structure, and even gender, to perform a specific role. Given his various psychic abilities, Martian Manhunter will have no problem memorizing the lines.

3 Deadpool Would Make A Very Accurate Crash Test Dummy

When testing new types of vehicles and machinery, crash test dummies are invaluable. These dummies show engineers what would happen to the occupants of a car in the event of a crash. With Deadpool volunteering for crash test simulations, engineers will receive extremely accurate results.

Deadpool has an impressive healing factor that makes him virtually unkillable. Deadpool often subjects his body to all sorts of dangerous situations and walks away unscathed after his healing factor runs its course. Likely finding a wild thrill at work and surely negotiating a solid salary, Deadpool could help make cars safer than ever.

2 John Constantine Could Run A Terrifying Haunted House

People visit haunted houses to be terrified, and John Constantine just might. With Constantine’s knowledge of the occult, he could fill the house with various magical artifacts to make it more terrifying. Plus, he could always summon a demon or two to liven things up.

Constantine conversed with many demons throughout his life. If you wanted your haunted house to be really spooky, you could summon various demons from hell to scare your customers, but keep the demons contained and the visitors safe.

1 Black Widow Could Pull Off Amazing Stunts As A Stunt Girl

Being an actor can be very dangerous, which leads most actors to use stunt doubles. That way, if something goes wrong, the movie doesn’t lose its stardom. These lookalikes must be extremely skilled and athletic, which would make Black Widow a perfect lookalike.

Black Widow is a world-class super spy. She is a great fighter and is extremely athletic. This athleticism would equip Black Widow with everything needed to be a successful and sought-after stunt performer in major action movies. Plus, you can keep honing your skills while enjoying something new.

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