2 out of 3 children will have jobs that do not yet exist. NXTLVL lands in Spain so they’re prepared



Between technological advances and scientific progress, children will be confronted with a world very different from the one we know today. The traditional education system is failing to keep up with the pace of change and is still mainly focused on imparting knowledge using outdated approaches. The little ones in the house need to develop critical skills for their future through new educational methodologies and experiences capable of preparing them for their integration into the world of work and to thrive in a world that is changing exponentially.

What is NXTLVL?

NXTLVL is an innovative online after-school program, which offers a system of active learning based on the use of complex stimulating games, who helps children between 8 and 14 years old develop now the essential skills they will need to meet the challenges of tomorrow. NXTLVL was developed after years of research by pioneers in education and psychology at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Harvard and UCL (University College London).

What does NXTLVL offer?

Konstantinos Papazafeiropoulos, Founder and CEO of NXTLVL, explains that “We cannot meet the challenges of 2050 with a 1950 education system. Traditional education does not provide students with the right environment and opportunities to develop the vital skills that they need to deal with a That’s why NXTLVL has taken a new approach to education. A method where children learn to solve real-world problems, not take exams. Where they learn to make decisions. intelligent and to collaborate in situations of uncertainty, where they learn where mistakes are opportunities and they take responsibility for all results, whether successes or failures”.

Spain is one of the first countries in the world where this program was launched, offering Spanish children the unique opportunity to participate in one hour weekly sessionsin which, grouped in teams, they develop and practice skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, leadership and problem solving through games based on real-world scenarios and coordinated by facilitators expert teachers.

During these sessions, children learn almost without realizing it the 12 basic skills essential to their development in the present and essential to their future success, both professionally and personally. They group them into four categories, which are: cognitive (creativity, curiosity and critical thinking), interpersonal (collaboration, communication, leadership and ethics), autonomous leadership (self-knowledge, courage and resilience) and meta-learning (growth mindset and metacognition).

How exactly does NXTLVL prepare our children for their professional future?

The unemployment rate for people under 25 continues to rise and has already reached 31.01% in the third quarter of 2022. This means that 540,000 young people cannot find work in our country, according to the latest labor force survey , carried out by the INE (National Institute of Statistics).

To effectively support our children from an early age to navigate their way into the job market, NXTLVL stands out as a pioneering and unique resource that develops and values ​​the main critical skills necessary to develop with confidence when it comes to life. is to orient their professional future in a satisfactory manner. way, and have a full life.

Drawing on years of research at the world’s top universities (MIT, Harvard and UCL), NXTLVL has created an innovative online game-based learning program based on three main pillars: complex learning games, educational animation and active collaboration.

“Making smart decisions and having multidisciplinary thinking is crucial for the future of our children. For this reason, at NXTLVL we design educational games based on the most important mental models of different disciplines, such as basic principles thinking, probabilistic thinking, opportunity cost, compounds, scarcity thinking or systems thinking, among others. . Teaching children how to think and not what to think is key to helping them cope with a rapidly changing world,” adds the founder of the start.

The science behind NXTLVL learning games ensures that children learn in depth almost without realizing it. Students immerse themselves in learning experiences which simulate complex environments and unprecedented situations that they will experience in real life. Without knowing the rules of the games, children form and test hypotheses, fail and correct the course to arrive at the most effective strategies. Games arouse their curiosity and as a result, children are excited and intrinsically motivated: they want to learn because it’s really fun. Each game focuses on specific skills and mental models that children gradually develop during weekly sessions.

Throughout the process, the role of the animator, which coordinates group discussions of sessions in a personalized way and creates an environment for active debate. Children always lead the discussion, which gives them the opportunity to discover, practice and actively develop their skills. The facilitator’s role is to help them through a variety of structured and open-ended questions. This method prepares children for maturity and real-life circumstances, training them to deal with any situation that may arise in the future.

The professionals of tomorrow will have to be great collaboratorsThis is why it is so important to teach children to work effectively in teams and in chaotic conditions, as happens in real life. With the NXTLVL program, through their personal experience and the support of the animator, the youngest learn to recognize, understand and accept the different abilities, motivations, ways of thinking and emotional responses, as well as to use the different forces of each individual. to achieve a common goal.

What does an NXTLVL session look like?

In a session of NXTLVL, the children are first immersed in the novelty that the experience brings: a new game that they must discover. They experiment by making assumptions about what they can or cannot do, and they test them. The facilitator invites the group to share their findings, and as the children discover more details and rules about the game, the facilitator invites them to start planning how they want to approach their game in the next round. As they progress through the next rounds, the facilitator guides children to monitor their play according to the strategy they themselves have created and act accordingly as they progress. In the most important break in the discussion, the facilitator invites the children to reflect on what they have done so far: what worked, what did not go as planned, why they chose the strategies they have pursued and what they could do differently. the next time. The cycle ends with a final round where children can put into practice all their learning and conclusions.

Thanks to NXTLVL, you can now offer your children the opportunity to develop essential skills for their future in a very attractive and effective way.

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