8 Jobs Superman Could Have Had If He Wasn’t A Journalist

Thanks to some of the many powers Superman has, we suggest several of the jobs that Clark Kent could do if he ends up getting kicked out of the Daily Planet.

We recently told you about the need that Clark Kent will soon have to find another job. In fact, at the end of said article, we have pointed out possible foot jobs to which he could devote himself without problems due to his particular abilities. The fact is that there are some of these superpowers that are known to everyone and, thanks to them, the man of steel could fit a myriad of jobs. However, there are other lesser-known powers that put Superman in a very good position to get one of the 9 Jobs Superman Could Have Had If He Wasn’t A Journalist and which we detail below.


We all remember when the Ventriloquists were the most anticipated show on weekend nights on Spanish domestic television. In our country we had Macario, Monchito and Rockefeller with his strange “take Moreno!” or Mari Carmen responding again and again to the “send?” of Dona Rogelia and his selective deafness. And, were there any ventriloquists in the comic world?

Without going any further, we have Superman, who during the Golden and Silver Ages had the ability to superventriloquism. With this ability, he could project his voice at another person with the intention of having other people believe it was said person speaking. In the first of the cartoons shown below, we see precisely that, after being asked how he managed to keep his voice from betraying him when impersonating him, Kal-El informs him that it was thanks to superventriloquism. Do you think Superman could buy dolls and make a living in theaters and TV shows?

  • superman ventriloquist


Something the Last Son of Krypton can boast about is that he is a polyglot and fluent in every single language, not only on planet Earth, but in any extraterrestrial language as well. It doesn’t matter if you speak to him in Spanish, Urdu, French, Esperanto or Kryptonian, he understands it. On more than one occasion, he has already said that he listens to requests for help from all over the world and, as seen in the pictures, he speaks Russian in dead languages. And it’s not just the character, but the actor, Henry Cavill is also a polyglotsince it dominates, at least, English, French, Italian, Russian and Nepali.

Given this great ability, Kal-El could be an excellent translator or teacher of any language at an academy or college. Can you imagine reading a book or watching a Netflix series with the same Clark Kent as Translator? or what your English teacher (or Klingon) to be mr kent?

math teacher

We continue teaching, because the superhero of Metropolis could also be a great math teacher. This is shown in the cartoon that we see below in which, by estimating what a bean can weigh and what the pot that contains them weighs, he ends up guessing the amount of beans that the container contains in total . Additionally, he cocks a rooster saying, “Next request, please.”

How good it would have been for me to have Superman as a math teacher!

superman math expert

Football player

In fact, in any sport Superman wanted to play, he would be number 1. Let’s say he wanted to run marathons… he would finish it before the best 100-meter runner. In the high jump, they would have to set the bar several kilometers away, and even then it wouldn’t involve any effort. And in football he would humble himself Messia mbappe Already Oliver Atom of Champions Yes Bachira Blue Lock (at the same time, with one leg tied up and having eaten a kryptonite omelet for breakfast). However, I think it is acceptable that if Clark leaves journalism, he returns to his roots in the sports world and devotes himself to American football.

As you know, all of us who follow small city back then, we loved watching him try to control his powers (sometimes unsuccessfully) to take part in a collective game such as American football, get to point to his institute team and become the starting quarterback. We want to see this prodigious pass, this footwork, this speed and this strength! Let’s take out the pompoms and clap! Give me a K, give me an E, give me an N, give me a T. Kent!

small town superman football

Builder / Mason

There’s no doubt that Superman would make an excellent builder or mason if his contract expired. Daily Planet. He has super strength, which would allow him to carry weights effortlessly. The company would save on scaffolding because the facade fixtures would be suspended in the air, but what more than one certainly didn’t remember was that it has the ability to fix anything instantly.

It seems that through his eyes come out not only his calorific and destructive ray, but a restorative ray that the bearded man of Bricomania would love. Where have we seen this? in the forgettable Superman IVin which we see the Man of Steel pursuing in China what is perhaps the worst villain of all Kryptonian filmography, namely the nuclear manwhich begins to destroy the great wall causing damage that seems irreparable. However, as we see in the video below, Superman, after rescuing a tourist, dedicates himself to fixing the crumbling wall with a mysterious beam of blue light coming out of his eyes.

Rare superpower where it exists, but extremely useful to use in a construction business. Construcciones La Casa De EL, I’ll fix it for you in a jiffy.

Superman and repair rays


We continue the repairs. And we continue with the eyes of the famous Kryptonian. If he has to be deadly with the bolts coming out of his eyes, he can cause a lot of damage and destruction, however, when he has to use them for repairs, he does a world-class job.

superman welding ship

And if not, tell Christopher Reeve, who in Superman 3 He flew to repair the leak that a ship had spilled all the oil into the sea. Greenpeace would be proud of this work of the Kryptonian, who with his super breath returned the spilled crude to the ship’s tank (yes, he hit the hole on the right and spilled no water, only oil) and He welded the gap with his heat vision. One in 10 jobs. My wife, who is a welder, calls this job excellent. Who wants to hire a Kryptonian for their welding business?


Let Giorgio Armani tremble as Clark Kent arrives, setting trends with the latest outfits he’s made himself. Have we gone mad? Could Superman also be a famous fashion designer? Since we know something like this needs an explanation, let’s get to it.

If anyone knows how to propose to his beloved, it’s Superman.. During the Golden Age, Superman wanted to ask for Lois’s hand in a big way. After obtaining the silk threads for Helen of Troy’s wedding dress and obtaining Cleopatra’s ring, which she borrowed from a pyramid, as well as a bouquet of flowers collected from the Garden of Eden, he proposed to Lois Lane. But not happy with it he made himself a custom dress for his beloved with the new superpower, that of super weaveras we see in the next point.

superman seamstress


In the field of medicine, Superman would also have a bright future. And, in this case, the eyes of the Man of Steel are again the protagonists, since thanks to his X-ray vision he is able to make the best diagnoses and, moreover, without the need for expensive machinery.

The best known case is in the first film of Christopher Reeve from 1978, when Lois interviews Kal-El on the roof and when he begins to smoke and recommends that he quit smoking, he observes his lungs to confirm that, for the time being, they are healthy.

Where you really see the excellent skills Clark might have as a radiologist is in the next vignette. As it can be read, the doctor states that his patient has glass embedded in his brain but his x-ray machine is not able to reveal the location of the shard, so it cannot work. After that, Superman reassures him that they don’t have to worry, as his x-ray vision has a greater range than any machine in the hospital, and after examining him, says to the doctor that he has already found the splinter and can prepare to operate. Without a doubt, Superman would be the best radiologist.


So far the selection of jobs Superman could try if he misses out on his position at the Daily Planet. The truth is that with these skills, you will surely not stay unemployed for long. Can you think of another suitable job for Kal-El?

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