8 tips to better organize your time at work in 2023 with the Google Workspace app

Your 2023 can be a lot more productive than this 2022 and Google wants it to be one of your New Year’s resolutions thanks to Workspace. Those of Alphabet took advantage of the fact that we are at the end of December, to remember eight platform features that can help you manage your time and move through your tasks faster.

Use colors in the calendar

If you have a very busy schedule and find it difficult to manage your time, you can use Google Calendar and categorize tasks by color. This function is very useful, because you can assign a different color for each event.

Time Insights It will give you an estimate of how much time you spend on each section, so you can better manage your time. This way, you will be able to know the situation you are in and how close or far you are to achieving your work goals.

Set your working hours and location

When we bring our work home, we sometimes spend more hours working than we have the right to. With Workspace, you can set up your working hours and, If a colleague tries to schedule a meeting outside of your shift, they will receive a notification.

Additionally, you can detail where you work from, so the rest of the team knows if you’re going to the office or working from home. So your colleagues will know when they need to make a video call or when they can find you to meet you in person.

Time slots for meetings

There are times when you cannot participate in video calls because you are doing other things that need to be done right now. You can set specific times per day so your colleagues can schedule calls using the feature Appointment slots of the Calendar. To configure this option, you must select “Time slot for appointments” and indicate between which hours you are available to talk via video call.

Another option is create a web version of your calendar and share it with your colleagues, so you know when you are doing other tasks. You can also use the appointment setupto share your availability via a booking page.

Every year, Google Maps recommends the best time to travel or shop at Christmas.

Clearly see your tasks

with the tool ‘Chores’ from Google Calendar, you can take a look at your entire to-do list. This feature allows you to keep track of your overdue tasks and customize the recurring schedule. This makes it easier to make sure you’re up to date with all your tasks and haven’t forgotten to do anything.

filter emails

When you telework, all messages arrive in your mailbox. If you receive few emails throughout the day, that’s not a problem, but if they send you dozens, maybe a few important ones of your boss advancing a task you had pending is overlooked.

To prevent this from happening, you can filter the emails that appear in the inbox. In case you receive many newsletters, you can prevent messages containing the word from appearing Unsubscribe’.

You can also configure a filter that star messages from your superiorto serve them as a priority at the start of the day.

Write your emails faster

clever writing and Smart response Gmail can help you compose your messages faster because it suggests phrases or words to complete the text and you don’t have to type it. You can also delete messages from your inbox or put them on hold using Gmail actions to process messages without opening them.

Catch up on meetings

Google Meet lets you view a recording of a meeting if you were unable to attend due to other duties or if you were on vacation. You can see them or use the tool that renders automatic transcripts meetings.

Collaborate effectively online

You can writedoc.newin your browser to create a new document in Drive and add people or featured content to it writing ‘@’. In this way, by sharing it with your colleagues, it will be easier for them to know the rest of the members of the project or the related meetings or files.

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