A 3D pedestrian crossing, the latest work of El Campillo’s most artistic masons

  • The authors of the pedestrian crossing are two masons from the town with an artistic vocation

  • Miguel Ángel Pérez and Juan Díaz Patricio created different murals in El Campillo

  • “We can boast of the artists we have in El Campillo”, says Juan Carlos Jiménez, mayor of the city

The return to school in the municipality of Huelva d’El Campillo has been very surprising. The fault lies with a new pedestrian crossing designed in access to the local school, CEIP La Rábida. For its development, three-dimensional technique and the optical effect it produces is that the lines seem to float on the asphalt.

“We placed it on Calle Cipreses, next to the school, to secure the area,” he says. Juan Carlos Jiménez, mayor of El Campillo, “seen and in 3D, it looks like an overpass and in this way the traffic is better regulated”. The idea is not new. They had wanted to do it for a long time “and what better way to do it here now that the school period is starting”, said the mayor.

The artists

The work was created by two local artists, Miguel Angel Perez and Juan Diaz Patricio. Miguel is a construction manager. “Well, bricklayer, painter…everything,” says Miguel, 54. Juan, 62, is his pawn and takes care of the household. But they both like to paint, and the crosswalk was far from their first job in the city. Recently, the two of them designed the mural of the Laura Luelmo multifunctional building in El Campillo.

Miguel and Juan, authors of the works.NIUS

In the work can be found depicted different reasons related to Huelva, such as the image of Nobel Prize winner Moguer Juan Ramón Jiménez, the Riotinto pier or the singer Paco Toronjo. But also other places like the pasodoble of El Campillo, by Arturo Trabajo, or the minutes of the first plenary session of the city hall in 1931; both framed by two huge volutes.

They also painted the back of the tennis court with a mural against gender violence. “You see a lighthouse that a woman is looking towards while others are rising in the sky,” describes Miguel. In the center featuring the drawing the tie against gender violence.

They have already painted in schools, hermitages, in shops, on facades… And they even do it outside their town. “We painted in Zalamea, Riotinto…”, Miguel tries to remember, but there are many trades behind these two masons who combine art with their work in construction. “Most of the jobs are commissions,” Miguel tells us, “but we don’t get much money for it.” Often it is enough to pay the cost of the paint and nothing else. “It’s not enough to retire,” he jokes. Nor is it his intention.

We can boast of artists that we have in El Campillo,” says Juan Carlos Jiménez, who also acknowledges that other mayors in the area have already taken an interest in the work carried out by Miguel and Juan. So far, the three-dimensional pedestrian crossing has been very well received.

“You just have to see the comments on the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the town hall”, explains the mayor of El Campillo. Dozens of neighbors again gave him the Congratulations to Miguel and Juan, two masons full of art who, while living off the broad brush, play with the fine brush.


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