‘A lot of companies don’t realize how hardworking and loyal people with autism are’: The chocolate factory where most employees are autistic

  • Helen Burchel
  • BBC News, Cambridgeshire

image sources, Harry Ghosts


Chocolate factory co-founder Mona Shah with chocolatier Greg Smith.

A chocolate factory created 10 years ago by a couple to introduce their autistic son to the world of work has become a thriving social enterprise.

The chocolate factory employs 12 people, most of whom are autistic, and provides hundreds of young people with the condition unconditional work experience.

Shaz and Mona Shah, founders of Harry Specters in Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK, told the BBC how chocolate had changed their lives, and some of the autistic workers shared their thoughts on the impact of this little a family business.

“the incubator”

image sources, Aldi


Shaz and Mona Shah started their business in their home kitchen.

Life in their native Pakistan has not been easy for Shaz and Mona Shah as they have struggled to find adequate support and education for their son Ash, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of three.

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