A project on the human perception of time, LCI Barcelona Prize for the best research work

A project that explores people’s perception of time from multiple angles has won the LCI Barcelona Award for Best Research Paper. The book, titled Amnesiais the work of the student Jordina Cascante, from the Daina Isard school in Olesa de Montserrat.

The winner of the prize, as well as the finalist works, were announced during an event organized at the headquarters of LCI Barcelona. The act was attended by Silvia Viudas, General Manager of LCI Barcelona, ​​and Rubén Monmany, Academic Director, as well as members of the jury for this edition.

LCI Barcelona has been organizing the Prize for the best research work for five years with the aim of enhancing studies and professions related to design and creativity, in addition to promoting these vocations and fostering the talent of students. “We want to reward young talent and encourage them to keep developing it,” Viudas said.

80 projects presented in the 5th edition

The general manager of LCI Barcelona also pointed out that a total of 80 projects from different public, private and subsidized centers in Catalonia have been presented in this edition.

For his part, Rubén Monmany stressed that all the projects have in common that they touch on themes close to society and that they “break the boundaries between different disciplines”.

Alberto Benito, finalist with ‘Un viatge introspectiu. Artistic expression in self-retirement.


This is the case for the winning project, but also for the finalist works: An introspective journey. Artistic expression in self-portraiture, by Alberto Benito, student at the Santiago Sobrequés i Vidal Institute in Girona; and of The hidden side of the fashion industryby Marta Guerrero, Iris Palacios and Júlia García, from EASD Llotja de Sant Andreu (Barcelona).

Marta Guerrero, Iris Palacios and Júlia García, finalists with

Marta Guerrero, Iris Palacios and Júlia García, finalists with “The hidden side of the fashion industry”


A reflection on time

The winning project Amnesia, is a museum and performative exhibition on the human perception of time. Jordina Cascante’s research has focused on understanding what time is through an analysis of the concepts of past, present and future.

The LCI Barcelona Prize jury highlighted the complexity of the research and the originality of the concept, approached from a transversal and highly creative perspective. “We appreciate that the research has been formalized and transformed into a real experience in order to be able to validate the thesis presented. Likewise, we congratulate her on the impeccable presentation which reinforces the ideas raised”, specifies the verdict.

Jordina Castante, winner with the work entitled 'Amnèsia'

Jordina Cascante (right), winner of the best research paper.


Jordina Cascante herself was in charge of presenting her project at the awards ceremony. As he explained, the idea was born by wondering what everyone understands about the notion of time: “I understood that perception is subjective”, he explains. From there, he developed a survey and looked for a way to capture his ideas “in an understandable format”.

For this, he designed an exhibition that was installed in a theater in Olesa de Montserrat. The idea is divided into three blocks inspired by science, philosophy and art, based on works by Albert Einstein, Immanuel Kant and Salvador Dalí. Thanks to these works, Cascante drew a series of conclusions which he then expressed in an exhibition that follows a circular route and plays with light intensity to represent the passage of time and the hours of the day.

In each of the interventions, he captures the idea of ​​memories of the past, the fleetingness of the present and the uncertainty of the future. In each space, visitors can interact with the installation. Cascante also created a complete graphic identity for his exhibition and produced a catalog that includes the concepts and ideas of his project.

The winner of the prize won a 27-inch Apple iMac and an Apple iPad Air, while the school received a set of books from Editorial Gustavo Gili worth 200 euros. The two finalist projects won a Polaroid camera for each student.

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