A total of 31 new researchers share their research

Foster interaction between the research community in training and interdisciplinarity in their work, make known the main lines in which they work and promote knowledge and a feeling of belonging; deepen the knowledge of the profession of researcher y the different opportunities that offer and facilitate the communication between the investigative persons, creating an environment that allows to share experiences and concerns y, from ello, the sprouting of internal and external vínculos that can maintain a lo largo del tiempo, its los objects from 7th Scientific Congress of New Researchers pending this Wednesday at the Rectorate of the University of Cordoba with the participation of 31 researchers from all fields, from health, exact and natural sciences to social, economic and legal sciences, including human sciences, engineering and technology.

The Vice-Chancellor for Science Policy, María José Poloexplains that “in this congress participate young people who have developed their first research work thanks to the Modality 2.1 of the Research Plan specific to the OCUResearch Seed Grantswith funding from the Santander Agreement”.

“In this edition, we have opted for the communicative pill format, consistent with the dynamic design of the scientific discussion sessions, given the diversity of the topics covered. Likewise, we have designed a transversal program of activities to guide employment opportunities and the social functions of research and innovation, complementing the objectives of training and promotion of research human resources of modality 2 of the Own Plan”, indicates -he.

A) Yes, there will be presentations from each session related to the object of research, professional opportunities to carry out doctoral theses with funding in Spain and in the international context, the importance of scientific dissemination and the role of companies in innovation and research, as well as the ethical values ​​of this profession and the contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. These contributions are paid various heads of the competent vice-rectorate. Likewise, a doctor from the Ramón y Cajal collective will share his experience and answer any questions that may arise.

To share

The director of the university specifies that “in these first stages each interaction opens the eye, brings ideas, raises questions… In short, it promotes curiosity, which is one of the essential qualities of research. Secondly, it is a first contact with the multidisciplinary aspect of societal issues that research and innovation must face today and in the future”.

Often we talk about the lack of incentives available to young people engage in research. Precisely with the aim of encouraging the vocation of research, the design of this edition has been carried out, which will end with a day of orientation and accompaniment in the afternoon, in small groups, with very diverse interactions.

Be able to interact face to face and raise particular doubts and questions It is very important for personal motivation, even more so after these two years of pandemic,” explains María José Polo.


The rector also mentions the excellence of the young researchers at the UCO. “The applications already show the high quality of UCO’s own career and the works presented are the best sample, with the quality to constitute scientific articles. Moreover, the results in FPU calls (Training of University Teachers)the levels of supervision of doctoral theses in our university, among other aspects, confirm this excellence”.

Precisely actions like this Scientific Congress of New Researchers, which are a benchmark for success within the Propio Plan, are intended to serve to improve the quality of research within this group. But there is more. Vice-Chancellor Polo talks about the achievement “specific conferences to promote the scientific vocation among the students of our centers, expand and improve the training offer for young researchers, increase the resources allocated to international mobility, pre-doctoral and post-doctoral contracts to support the periods between external calls, by integrating the value of innovation and dissemination scientist in their training course, and dynamically review the results of this policy each year to correct and improve the results of these actions.


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