Acuaes advances with irrigators and institutions in the work of the construction project of the canals of Rules

One step closer. The irrigators of the Coast are satisfied, although cautious, with the approach maintained with the General Manager of the State Trading Company Aguas de las Cuencas de España (Acuaes), Mª Rosa Cobo, for Advances in Signing of Agreement for Rules Pipelines Detail 9 Construction Project, the most advanced to date. Time is running out if they want to benefit from the Next Generation funds of the European Union, so the climate of collaboration between the Community of Irrigators, the Association of Municipalities and Acuaes must continue to progress.

The Post 9 construction project has been drafted and the General Directorate for Water of the Ministry for Ecological Transition has already supervised it, as well as will soon move to the public information phase. It is expected that during the first quarter of 2023, the project will be approved and therefore ready for tender, once the binding collaboration agreement between the parties involved has been signed.

The trading company submitted a draft agreement several months ago to the Irrigation Community and the Association of Municipalities, a text which was analyzed during the meeting that was held.

The President of the Bajo Guadalfeo Irrigators Community, Fernando Morenoexplains to Granada Hoy that it is a step they had been waiting for a long time and it was positive. “We had an approach, but now we have to look to get all the parties involved involved and we’re all wet. We’re talking about water, so you have to get wet. We must hold the necessary mandatory meetings and move forward, We can’t forget that there is a deadline and if we want to avail ourselves of the resilience funds for the 9We need to pull ourselves together as soon as possible.”

Moreno insists that 80% of the financing is at stake if deadlines are not met, and if the established deadlines are met, during the first quarter of the year they will sign said agreement. “We are looking for a funding agreement for the whole works but given the current circumstances we will have to find a way to articulate it from the Irrigation Community, now there is a lot of work and negotiations to come, we continue with the Platform to claim the infrastructures of the coast, but the work that awaits us is ours, the Ministry and the Junta de Andalucía”.

And he assures that they have shown their satisfaction with the missions made by Acuaes, “we do not agree on some things, but because of the ministry, the situation in the one we find ourselves in right now without conduct is the fault of those who ruled, on one side and on the otherAt the moment, we might be talking about a drought and not that there are dams with water because of the lack of pipes”.

With regard to all the ventilated elements, Moreno indicates that only the 9th was discussed during the meeting, “the 3rd is continuing its drafting process -both framed in the first phase of the piping project-, Nothing is known about the rest of the phases, and at the moment they are not there and are not expected”.

The detailed project was presented to the two users in Motril last July during a technical meeting during which the financial scheme was discussed to allow the start of the works, with Next Generation EU funds provided by MITERD and which will represent about 80% of the planned investment for the first phase. The action, whose estimated cost is 61.8 million euroswill guarantee the supply of a fixed and seasonal population of approximately 350,000 inhabitants of the Costa Tropical andby 2046, while ensuring the supply of 722 hectares of irrigated municipalities Our Lady Virgen del Rosario and Santa Ana, integrated into the General Community of Irrigators of Bajo Guadalfeo.

The project is divided into two phases, the first is to build all the pipes and the control and operating building, with a budget of 52.9 million euross, and the second phase corresponds to the pumping station and the interconnections with the level 400 pipelines, with un budget of 8.9 million euros.

On the other hand, Acuaes is drafting of the broken down project 3 -right bank at level 400-, which aims to serve approximately 3,000 hectares of agricultural crops, approximately 20% of the total of the Community of Irrigators of the Lower Guadalfeo, allowing in turn the interconnection with the pipes of the level 200 developed in detail 9.

The president of the Bajo Guadalfeo Irrigation Community, Fernando Moreno, asks the the involvement of all the administrations, “it’s a step further, but we need the involvement of all the administrations. The farmers are the first affected and we will bring everything we can bring, we hope to keep moving forward, it is very necessary because the fields are drying up due to the lack of water, the electricity is eating away at us and we have to do small steps”.


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