Adif completes the cleaning and debris removal works of the old Huelva station

With the installation of stabilizing structures on the facades of the old train station of Huelva concludes the administrator of the railway infrastructure (Adif) the interventions in the emblematic building agreed with the City Council of the capital of Huelva. The stabilization structures were installed inside the building after completing the maintenance and cleaning works. On December 31, the transfer of the building will take effect and the Consistory will take charge of it.

behind the fire What happened at the old station on August 16, Adif began the work of recovering the structure of the historic passenger building, work that it carried out following the commitments made with the Consistory. Among other things, it was agreed that the Administrator of the Railway Infrastructure would be responsible for the tasks of closing the accesses, the provisional fencing of the perimeter of the building, the preliminary cleaning and sanitation of the structures presenting a danger, the demolition of the roof and siding of the ticket office and the removal of debris from the building and its transfer to an authorized landfill site. In addition to the placement of the stabilizing structure on the facades of the building.

The fire, which broke out at midnight inside the old station, affected the structure of its roof, causing it to collapse. After the development of the technical report on the state of the old station by Adif, the necessary stabilization was carried out for the removal of the metal beams, the cleaning and the removal of the debris from the space, the removal of the charred wooden beams which were on the roof, in addition to the cleaning and removal of the waste caused by the fire, with the corresponding management of the same and the payment of the costs of removal to the authorized landfill.

Subsequently, work was undertaken to remove the intermediate metal beams in danger of falling, the demolition of the walls of the ticketing area due to their poor condition, the removal of debris from the action area, the corresponding waste management and the payment of the costs of removal to an authorized landfill.

Adif and the town hall of Huelva have agreed to hand over the passenger building of the old railway station to the town hall, which will assume its custody, surveillance and maintenance. For his part, Adif will receive €156,988 before December 31, “the compensation established in the project of consolidation of the partial plan of the Ensanche Sur sector of Huelva”. Before the approval of the land consolidation project, the plot had already been decommissioned from the general interest rail service with the commissioning of the new station.

The old station is a building neo-Mudéjar style, which dates from 1880. It has a constructed area distributed in three bodies of 1,150 square meters on two floors. It is included in the Catalog of Buildings, Elements and Spaces of Interest” with grade P1 (non-monumental integral protection). The municipal plenary assembly agreed in April 2018 to assign it, once rehabilitated, to the railway mine museum.

The property has over four years closed, ceased to operate as a train station on April 25, 2018 after the new one opened in Las Metas. During this time, it was subject to acts of vandalism, looting and illegal occupations. In March 2019, Adif had to blind the door and window openings to prevent the facilities from being further damaged and the property from being illegally occupied. In the technical traffic building, a building adjoining the main building, squatters were installed and the recorded fire is reliable evidence that people gained access to the old station.


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