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More than 300 representatives of business entities in Gran Canaria attended the first edition of the Aegoro Talks Experience training event at the Alfredo Kraus auditorium in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, organized by the Urbiola consultancy and the Association entrepreneurs from the El Goro business park (Aégoro).

The president of this professional association of Telde, Francisco Pérez; Cristina Castillo, lawyer specializing in Human Resources and expert in training emotional skills; and Mario A. Puig, MD who has spent the past twenty years researching and teaching leadership skills and managing successful teams in the business world.

The message that the participants put on the table yesterday in unison before the businessmen, managers and workers present at the event calls for the humanization of labor relations and the assertive management of leadership in the group dynamic. The latest data collected by sociological studies show that 70% of Spanish citizens have no emotional connection with the company in which they work every day and that 80% of people who leave their jobs do so because of your boss.

For Dr. Mario A. Puig, “it is time that we seek solutions and take advantage of the opportunities available to us to stop the dehumanization” of relationships at work, a phenomenon which, he assures, has a great impact on the balance of people’s emotional health and even their own physical health: “80% of illnesses have an emotional component as a causal element,” he said.

emotional illiteracy
According to Puig, we are in a time of “emotional illiteracy” that we all need to overcome by practicing behavioral models that encourage empathy and assertive communication among colleagues. According to him, a change is needed in the management of work groups that minimizes pressure and avoids chronic stress, mental blockage and negativity in the work environment.

In this first edition of Aegoro Talks Experience, both from Aegoro and the consulting firm Urbiola, the idea is launched, endorsed by Dr. Puig, that “teamwork is when great triumphs are truly For this reason, it is very important to identify what are the strengths and weaknesses of each employee, so that everyone plays a role according to their knowledge.Another aspect to take into account is to generate a good atmosphere and good relationships between team members feel like they are part of the group and they will want to row in the same direction.” Both entities claim that this group dynamic stimulates creativity, increases motivation, improves communication and increases productivity and efficiency in companies.

Doctor Puig and lawyer Cristina Castillo propose to change our lives by acting with empathy, assertiveness, in cooperation with others, helping each other. In this way, worrying data would be avoided in our society, such as those that count 4 million Spaniards suffering from the syndrome of the exhausted worker, 7 million employees suffering from stress and 6 million of those who feel empty, sad and apathetic at work. your workplace. Another worrying fact: only 19% of Spanish workers have a sense of belonging within their company.

For Cristina Castillo, “it’s time to get out of the hamster wheel in which we are immersed and to stop living on autopilot while life passes” without paying attention to our emotions. The first edition of Aegoro Talks Experience will continue with a second day next year. This event is sponsored by Cajasiete, FOREMPRO, APINSA, GSP2020 and De Qu Trabajos amables.

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