Afghan judges seek work in Spain

After the question what do you miss from Kabul, Gulalau Hotak her voice cracks and tears well up. This is the only question left unanswered in a LA RAZÓN conversation with two of the seven Afghan judges who have been living in Spain since the Taliban regime completely occupied Afghanistan last year. All of them entered the government program for refugees, sent their children to school, received help with rent or food, but they lacked one thing: work.

“We have been judges, so we respect Spanish laws but we cannot be judges here because they are different. We are looking for something related, we cannot work in a restaurant either because it is expensive for us”, said in Persian, its native language, Hotak which was part of the Afghan Supreme Court. He lives in an apartment in Getafe with his two mothers (the adoptive and the biological) paying a few 800 euros rent with assistance of 600 for the property and another 500 for the rest of the expenses. “I have friends who live in Brazil who have been offered administrative jobs, others are in Ireland and have obtained a scholarship to study there, in Australia a colleague of mine works in a legal consulting firm,” says -he. “We want similar jobs, not for the government to pay us idly, but on the contrary, we want to pay taxes.”


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