After a month of paralysis, work finally resumes on the exit to Salamanca

Arturo Molina / The Voice of Michoacan

Morelia, Michoacan. More than a month after the company responsible for the construction of the road distributor at the exit of Salamanca abandoned work due to conflicts, irregularities and delays, work finally resumed this week in the area of intervention.

With a little more than 80% of the construction process and at a slow pace, the machines, workers and engineers working at the northern exit of the capital of Michoacán began to “reappear” little by little.

From Monday evening, the arrival of an excavator and another unit of bulldozers emerged, which were placed on one of the sides of the access to the city of Morelia.

At noon on Tuesday, the two machines and a base of no more than five workers began work and resumed progress on the depressed steps, which represent the biggest delay in the construction process.

Photo, Arturo Molina.

La Voz de Michoacán visited the intervention area where it checked the resumption of work. Almost silently and under the astonished gaze of passers-by, the machine began to make its way from east to west, just in front of the Morelia Institute of Technology.

Sources close to the construction companies pointed out that the order to resume work came in the early hours of Monday morning, so supervisors, engineers and specialists were immediately deployed to assess the pending works which are flooded for almost two months. .

Unofficially, it turned out that throughout this week, heavy and light machinery units, as well as workers, materials and accessories will continue to be deployed to complete the work. For next Monday, a starting signal would be given for the resumption of work, without the above having been confirmed by the local authorities.

José Zavala Nolasco, head of the Secretariat of Communications and Public Works (SCOP), pointed out that once they are restarted and deployed in local businesses, it will take at least two months to complete the work which began in early 2021. and which have been promised. which will end in April.

With regard to the calls for tenders, it should be noted that the same companies that had already been subcontracted by the company to which the execution of the works was entrusted were contracted, so there is no no bidding was needed, while a process of this magnitude would take at least another 3 months.

The manager assured that the structural, engineering and other issues have been resolved so that they would only need to be recapitalized for the execution of the remaining percentage. He acknowledged that in the case of the departure to Salamanca, there were differences in terms of contracts. Debts for undelivered volumes, requests for advances for work additions and the like sparked the dispute which resulted in the termination of the contract.

Returning to work is an important issue. The rainy season has transformed the depressed pass that connects Morelos Norte Avenue to the Morelia exit into a veritable pond with thousands of liters of water that will have to be drained. The work would even be resumed during the rainy season of greater intensity due to the storms and the devastation that this could cause.

The Ministry of Communications and Public Works ruled out that the flooding of the work could have negative consequences on the structure due to the oxidation of metals, the erosion of concrete and other direct consequences on the ceiling works budget of more than 400 million pesos.

Photo, Arturo Molina.

Departure for Mil Cumbres, in the same

Concerning the road distributor of the exit towards Mil Cumbres, the SCOP specifies that the deadline for delivery of the works expires on September 15 with regard to the depressed passes and other raised passes.

The companies involved in this project are facing a serious case of decapitalization to complete the work. Although they have been given the opportunity to continue the work, it is expected that they will have to answer to the supervisory authorities for irregularities in the construction process.

In this case, the company requested a further three-month extension, arguing that residents of the area had intervened in demonstrations in the East Zone, which complicated its development.

Currently, 40 beams remain to be placed, four of which are under construction, for which it is expected that the rest can be placed in a few weeks. The last stage will be the connection of the depressed stage, which is carried out in less than 15 days since it is a fairly agile phase to conclude.

In this case, anomalies are also found in the management of the resources that were paid in advance by the management of Silvano Aureoles Conejo in 2021. The above will have to be answered before the Superior Audit Office of the Federation because it this is an irregularity.


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