Alicante starts the course with clean schools after an intense disinfection plan

  • The City Council proposes a set of new cleaning improvements with the increase in hours in centers where there has been an expansion of classrooms
  • As part of the cleaning planned in the course, the reinforcement of the toilet revision service is maintained during the school day and a study is carried out to evaluate the possible extension of cleaning hours in the centers that need it.
  • The plan establishes the organization and programming of the specific work of sweeping and rinsing the terraces, cleaning the windows and weeding.
  • The Mayor of Security, José Ramón González, celebrated that “the traffic and security device at the beginning of the course worked very normally and without incident”

Alicante, September 12, 2022. Alicante starts the school year with all schools clean after having intensified and reinforced a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection plan in all schools in the city. The city council, together with contractor STV Management, organized this plan in July, launching a series of meetings with schools to schedule, plan and coordinate the cleanup for the 2022-23 school year.

Specifically, the staff assigned to the Cleaning Service carried out a total of 24,545 hours for the fitting out of classrooms and centers, of which 15,530 hours are related to the month of August and 9,014.15 hours are related to the period from September 1 to 9.

El concejal de Infraestructuras, José Ramón González, se mostró muy satisfecho por “gran trabajo realized para tener all los limpios colegios y en las mjores condiciones para el inicio del course escolar”, al tiempo el edil explicó que “han sido muchas las reuniones llevadas a cabo para conocer las necessidades de limpieza de cada colegio por parte del responsable del contrato, el municipal inspector y la empresa, que iniciaron la visitas à los teams directivos para conocer, de primera mano las peticiones y necessidades de limpieza, y que se retomarán this month”.

Cleaning plan in Alicante schools

In August, the general cleaning work began according to the plan established in the various centers, setting September 1, to have the offices, classrooms and toilets cleaned for the reintegration of the staff of the center. And, on September 12, when all the planned work plan was finished, on the occasion of the start of the school year, proceed to clean the outdoor spaces the weeks closest to the start of the school year, because they are likely to get dirty more easily.

The general cleaning of this ambitious plan envisioned the execution of a multitude of tasks such as deep and thorough cleaning of classrooms, offices, upholstery, scuppers, covers, blinds, curtains, games for children, windows, patios, among others.

Likewise, Councilor José Ramón González, made an impact, explaining that “in turn, the corresponding actions and preventive treatments of disinsection, disinfection and extermination of rats were carried out in all centers, carrying out the “municipal inspection a thorough follow-up of all cleaning works with visits to the centers to check and correct any defects in order to guarantee better control of the cleaning service”.

Increased Plan Cleaning Hours

It should be noted, as explained by the technicians responsible for the contract, that with the aim of strengthening and speeding up the general cleaning work, “the hours of delivery of the Service have been increased and they have worked, even on Saturdays, and the hiring of new personnel for specific tasks, such as for cleaning weeds, and also, additional machinery has been fitted such as a vacuum sweeper for sweeping the terraces, or large volume trucks for the removal of effects personal and rubbish-”.

In addition, the company and the City Council have agreed to establish a special cleaning service in each school, today September 12, from 06:00 a.m. to 09:00 a.m., with the aim of guaranteeing the correct cleaning conditions as much as possible. And with the start of the school year, the ordinary cleaning service is resumed, both inside and outside the schools, as well as the execution of specific works, for the proper maintenance and the conservation of cleanliness.

New cleaning measures and improvements in schools

Likewise, the City Council informed that after the visits that took place in July with the school management teams, it was agreed to gradually implement improvements to the cleaning service in the schools, for the year school year 2022-2023.

In this sense, the infrastructure adviser, José Ramón González, announced that among the planned improvements, he points out that it has been decided “to increase the hours of cleaning in the centers where there has been an expansion of the rooms of class, the service will continue revision of the toilets during the school day, the organization and programming of the specific works of sweeping and rinsing of the terraces, cleaning of the windows and weeding have been established, as well as an ongoing study to evaluate the possible extension of cleaning hours in centers that need it”.

For its part, the commitment established in terms of cleaning by the Town Hall and the company is to resume meetings with the management teams of the schools in September to take note of the suggestions and contributions in relation to the specific cleaning needs in their center, proceed to this municipal council to evaluate and study them in order to guarantee the quality and efficiency of the cleaning service.

Safety device in schools

This morning the Town Hall organized a large Security and Traffic system in schools, and deployed around a hundred Local Police officers to control access to educational centers at the start of the course with traffic regulation so that it is carried out with the maximum guaranteed security.

The mayor of security, José Ramón González, celebrated that “the traffic and security device at the beginning of the course worked very normally and without incidents, and will continue every day to control access to schools, which is very effective and works great.”

More than 1.6 million in extraordinary maintenance

The City Council of Alicante begins the school year with the establishment of schools after executing thousands of repairs with an ambitious extraordinary maintenance plan in which rehabilitation, reform and improvement works have been carried out in 53 educational centers to meet all the demands of schools with an investment of 1,610,661 euros.

The town hall repaints the pedestrian crossings of 85 educational centers

The city council, in turn, has allocated 33,269 euros to repaint pedestrian crossings in 85 educational centers in the city before the start of the school year, as a basic and necessary measure to improve safety and improve pedestrian mobility around the centers. . .

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