Aller will ask the Principality to support new archaeological work in the Torre de Soto

The discoveries left by the consolidation works and the archaeological excavations in the Soto tower, in Aller, reveal, according to experts, that the enclave has enormous potential and that more campaigns would be needed to discover all the secrets that the construction. For this reason, the Town Hall of Aller will ask the Ministry of Culture of the Principality for additional investments to carry out new surveys and work that will make it possible to make progress in the findings. “We have a real treasure in Soto and what has just been revealed gives rise to further investigation, so if we reach an agreement with Culture to finance the consolidation works, we can arrive there to undertake more works” , did he declare. yesterday the mayor, Juan Carlos Iglesias.

The works and excavations carried out in the enclave of Allerano have resulted in several “very interesting” discoveries, such as the appearance of underground defensive structures – a small wall or a rampart – in addition to various pieces of medieval ceramics and metal objects (it is estimated that 12th or 13th centuries) which will be analyzed in the laboratory by members of the company which carried out the excavations: Castrum Archéologie.

The socialist alderman told this newspaper that “in Soto we have an environment from medieval times that still has a lot to tell and in which archaeologists believe there is great potential to continue to discover its history, and therefore that of the council and that of Asturias”. Iglesias specifies that “we will spare no effort so that the investigative work can continue and, of course, we will contact the Principality to do this”. The Mayor stressed that the relationship with the Ministry of Culture has always been fluid. Unsurprisingly, funding for the consolidation of Torre de Soto was shared between the two administrations, the local and the regional.

It is for this reason that he trusts a new agreement to be able to carry out more archaeological campaigns: “We believe that we must bet on the continuation of the investigations”, he declared.

View of the Torre de Soto from the Corredor del Aller. A.Velasco

In addition, not only are the investigations important, but the Soto Tower complex also has other elements that must be consolidated so that they are not lost, as is the case of the house that appeared on the side of the building. “We know that it is in danger and that it is important to try to develop works that allow its stabilization and conservation. And we will try to do it as soon as possible”, declared the city councilor, also agree with what has been raised. by archaeologists, who understand that the house discovered behind the weeds needs urgent work to prevent it from collapsing.

The local government of Aller wants the Torre de Soto to be “the benchmark” for cultural tourism in the municipality. “We must highlight the fact that in Aller we have a unique enclave in Asturias and we must act, preserve and divulge precisely everything that the castle offers us,” said the alderman.

Precisely in terms of tourism, the Torre de Soto is one of the points that are part of the Tourism Sustainability Plan in the Valles de Aller, a project that involves an investment of more than two million euros and that will be carried out by the whole board. It is late for lack of a municipal secretariat, but among the actions a series of viewpoints on the river are offered, including one on the Soto bridge. “The idea is for it to be a viewpoint that flies over the river so that the tower itself can be seen from the area,” concluded Juan Carlos Iglesias.


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