Ander Fuentes, Kattin Madariaga and Iraun Zestau win the first prizes of…

Works by Ander Fuentes, Kattin Madariaga and Iraun Cestau won first prizes in the III Pamplona – Iruñeko III Verse Writing Competition. Bertsopaper Lehiaketa. The competition, organized by the Pamplona City Council and the Nafarroako Bertsozale Elkartea association, this year received 43 works from 39 people, 19 women and 20 men, almost doubling the number of works presented in the two previous editions, 22 in 2021 and 24 in 2020.

The rules of the contest established three categories, according to the age of the participants. Category A was for people born in 2009 or later with jobs between 3 and 4 lines; category B, for people born between 2005 and 2008, both included, and the possibility of presenting works of 4 to 8 verses; and category C, for authors born in 2004 or before, with works with a minimum of 12 verses and a maximum of 16, all of which make up a certain unit.

Anyone wishing to present a work must meet the requirement of being from Navarre or living in Navarre. The works presented could have a free theme and size, be written in Basque and be original and unpublished. The melody of the verses had to be specified and, in addition, the works had to meet basic quality criteria. In categories A and B, each author could submit up to three works; in category C, only one work may be presented.

The jury was made up of Amaia Telletxea, Joseba Beltza and Saioa Alkaiza, the latter winner of the first two editions of this competition in category C. All the works will be published in a digital edition that will be available on the Bertsozale Elkartea website. This literary competition aims to promote and promote bertsolaritza and the bertsopaperak modality (verses written according to the rules of bertsolaritza).

Prize-winning works
More than half of the works were received for category A, which includes minors. The 29 works were presented by 27 people, 13 girls and 14 boys. The prizes in this category correspond to culture vouchers of 150, 100 and 50 euros. First prize was won by Iraun Zestau with ‘Amilotxa’, second prize by Araia Irigibel with ‘Lagunekin parrandan’ and third prize by Dorleta Larrayoz with ‘Aliena’.

In category B, three of the five works presented were awarded. ‘Uda’ by Kattin Madariaga won the 350 euros for the first prize, ‘Iruzkin pozoinduak’ by Ziortza Goia the 200 euros for the second and ‘Gurasoak’ by Loitzate Goñi the 250 euros for the third. Three people participated with their works, two girls and a boy.

In category C, 9 works by 9 different authors (4 women and 5 men) were presented. Ander Fuentes won the first prize, and the 1,500 euros with which it is endowed, thanks to his work “Iluntzean”. The second prize went to Eneko Fernandez for ‘Aurkia era ifrentzua’ and the third to Eider Azkoaga and his ‘Erraietatik’, who won 1,000 and 500 euros respectively.


• Category A (people born in 2009 or later)
o First prize: ‘Amilotxa’ by Iraun Zestau Telletxea
o Second prize: ‘Lagunekin parrandan’ by Araia Irigibel Terreros
o Third prize: ‘Aliena’ by Dorleta Larrayoz Osteritz

• Category B (people born between 2005 and 2008, both included)
o First prize: ‘Uda’ by Kattin Madariaga Apaolaza
o Second prize: ‘Iruzkin pozoinduak’ by Ziortza Goia Mitxelena
o Third Prize: “Gurasoak” by Loitzate Goñi Elortza

• Category C (people born in 2004 or before)
o First prize: ‘Iluntzean’ by Ander Fuentes Mujika
o Second Prize: ‘Aurkia eta ifrentzua’ by Eneko Fernandez Maritxalar
o Third prize: ‘Erraietatik’ by Eider Azkoaga Gomez


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