Antauro Humala achieved redemption through the work of Hello Kitty and the preparation of Christmas chocolate

Deputy Patricia Juárez presented the list of activities carried out by Antauro Humala, according to Inpe.

The release from prison Antauro Humala continues to be a topic of discussion and was discussed this morning at the Justice and Human Rights Committee from Congress of the Republic. During her speech, the MP for Fujimori, Patricia Juarez, wondered about the activities carried out by the former detainee, the very ones which would have facilitated his early departure. The parliamentarian described the achievements of the retired military as unserious.

Reading a document issued by the National Penitentiary Institute (Inpe), Juárez indicated that in the Virgen de la Merced prison, prisoner Antauro Humala Tasso was recognized for his ability to combine colors. In 2018 he managed to stand out in the preparation of desserts, as well as the realization of “Hello Kitty carries out projects with skill and dexterity”. “That’s what he achieved so he could leave quickly because he achieved those goals,” Fujimori said.

In addition, chef Andahuaylazo’s educational checklist indicates that he succeeded in learning to prepare cold dishes, Christmas sweets and chocolate for the end of the year celebrations. Likewise, “he was trained in tulip making and also applies the art of our country’s folk dances.” “They taught him to dance during the hours he spent in prison,” the commissioner said.

Antauro Humala prepared desserts, tulips and dances during his time in prison.

Juárez said he did not know the reality of the prison, but wondered if the activities detailed in the document seemed unserious given that he is a criminal convicted of murdering four police officers. “It doesn’t seem serious that a person who murdered four police officers for learning how to make Christmas candy has been released,” he said at the end of his speech.

For his part, the president of Inpe, Omar Méndez, indicated that “the teaching methods are coordinated with the Ministry of Education”. He underlined that he recognizes that the activities indicated in the document may even seem ridiculous, “but this is the educational offer that we have today”, he told the Justice and Human Rights Commission. man who interrogated him for the release of Humala.

Antauro Igor Humala Tasso is a 59-year-old soldier in the Peruvian army. He is the son of Isaac Humala and Elena Tasso. After studying at the Franco-Peruvian school, he decided to enlist in the armed forces by entering the military school of Chorrillos, where he was promoted to major in the Peruvian army.

It was at this time that he conceived ethnocacerismo, a movement that claimed the identity of Tahuantinsuyoand figures like Andrés Avelino Cáceres and the nationalism of dictator Juan Velasco Alvarado.

Antauro Humala spent 19 years in prison for the deaths of police officers.
Antauro Humala spent 19 years in prison for the deaths of police officers.

In 2000, with his brother Ollanta and 69 retired soldiers whom he called reservists, he decided to stand up in Locumba, Tacna, to demand the fall of Alberto Fujimori’s regime. His crusade took place on October 29, the same day Councilor Vladimiro Montesinos escaped. Shortly after, with the transitional government of Valentin Paniagua, he laid down his arms.

In 2005 Antauro, accompanied by some armed reservists, performed the so-called Andahuaylazo, a bloody mutiny against the government of Alejandro Toledo in the city of Andahuaylas. The assault on a police station killed four police officers and two reservists.

He was immediately arrested and then sentenced to 25 years in prison for the crimes of homicide, kidnapping, rebellion, aggravated degradation and arms theft. In 2011, his sentence was reduced to 19 years, after the case was reviewed by the Supreme Court.


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