Apple employee is out of work after posting about her day at the office

An Apple employee lost her job after making videos for her TikTok profile in which she showed the daily life of the company run by Tim Cook. The publication of the video, titled A day in the life of a black girl who works in techtook place in April and Nylah Boone’s contract with Apple was unexpectedly not renewed.

The young woman explained The edge that her sole purpose with this video was simply to show other black women that they could work for a company like Apple, which would allow the Cupertino company to have a more diverse workforce.

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“My followers or the people who contact me or comment are almost 80% black women. It was important for me to be able to connect with other black women, as well as to encourage them: You can work in this industry or in this position“, explained the former Apple employee.

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The original video about his Apple days is still up and anyone can watch it. He didn’t show anything out of the ordinary either: his morning routine and commute, building check-ins, a cake stand in the office, and lunch with co-workers. After losing his job, he also gave explanations.

Boone hasn’t been out of work for long. The young woman, as she explained to The edge, found another job and currently works in a marketing agency. Also, in his new venture, they allow him to make videos about his professional life for his TikTok profile.

According to her, it is important for workers to show what their days are like at work so that potential candidates can see what they will find if they ever work at this company: “Imagine if there were no creators of POC or black women creating content about their tech jobs […] If they’re not exposed, they won’t know there are other options for them.”


Apple doesn’t want you to know or see anything going on in its offices

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Why was she fired?

The reason for this is that Apple generally prohibits its employees from sharing images filmed at company offices, either through employment contracts or independent confidentiality agreements. And Boone would have skipped that deal.

Companies like Apple, Meta or Google are worried about this type of registration. Although they seem harmless, and they almost always are, there can always be a moment when something of value is revealed. How are the security checks, the format of ID cards to access facilities and other similar things that could compromise the safety of employees.

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But it’s not just that. Any type of project that has not been announced, for example, can also be shown on camera, with bad intentions or not. And that this can happen is a real misfortune for these companies.

Apple doesn’t take videos for a joke

Boone’s case isn’t the only one at Apple. A few months ago, the Cupertino company had already threatened Paris Campbell, an employee of the company who, in this case, said more than she should have.

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This engineer wanted to do a good deed and help a girl who had asked him for advice after her laptop was stolen. Campbell gave some details about the Apple ID and the tricks thieves could use to sell the device.

But Apple disagreed with Campbell identifying herself as a company employee and giving advice to customers. So they contacted her and ordered her to remove the video from TikTok. “If you ask me, building public confidence in Apple’s security isn’t something that makes the company look bad, especially when it reaches 5 million people,” Campbell complained in another video after the incident with his business.

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