Archaeological work would allow work to resume in the squares of Valdivia

The Valdivia City Council has approved a bid to carry out archaeological work in Chile and Valdivia Squares, which will allow compliance with the requirements of the National Monuments Council and work to resume in 2023.

In the last session, the plenary session of the collegiate body decided to unanimously approve the authorization to award the private proposal entitled “Contract of archaeological services in accordance with the requirements of the CMN, for the Plaza projects Pedro de Valdivia and Chile, Valdivia” to the tenderer Arqueogeo SPA.

In this regard, the chairman of the Housing, Urban Planning and Traffic Commission, Mayor Guido Yobanolo, assured that the approval is very good news.

“We hope that the works will start quickly, the citizens are waiting with great concern and we are very satisfied to carry out this new call for tenders,” he said.

And he added: “Now, we hope that with the Council of National Monuments (CMN) and with the municipality and all those who have to do with it, all the steps will be accelerated so that these places are quickly operational.

“We were helpless”

Likewise, Councilor Marcos Santana assured that they were waiting for the requirements requested by the CMN.

“It’s not that we don’t want to do it, or that we have the resources to do it, it’s that we’re unable to get through it, due to a series of requirements that existed, the story is quite long, it starts from the previous administration,” Santana revealed. .

And he concluded: “National Monuments puts a series of conditions for us to be able to resume the works to which, as a municipality, we comply, we have really been responsible enough.”

From the Secretariat of Community Planning (Secplan) of Valdivia, it has been clarified that this proposal aims to have specialized archeology services for the development of studies, surveys and archaeological analyzes requested by the Council of National Monuments ( CMN).

In addition to the above, characterize the archaeological site through information collected from the field and historical literature, as well as obtain CMN approvals, with the ultimate goal of continuing work, as well as accompanying and monitoring the process of term of execution of these, safeguard of the archaeological site.

The amount involved in this private tender is $269,152,267, from the regional government of Los Ríos and it is expected that the works can start this year after the procedures related to the signing of the contract.

At the same time, the municipality developed archaeological actions by hiring a consultant who carried out a visual and topographical inspection to prepare a report that received the approval of the National Monuments Council, which made it possible to continue with the stages in progress.

Likewise, works related to the order and cleanliness of the space where the squares are located were carried out, which also included the replacement of the enclosure fence, the installation of a safe pedestrian route and signage to inform the community of the status of the work, all in coordination with the CMN.

This was stated by the director of the Secplan of the municipality of Valdivian.

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New Resources will seek to develop a comprehensive management plan for the Project’s archaeological finds. More details in the leaflet.

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