Asempal tackles the complexity of working at height with a focus on prevention

Providing adequate information to employers and workers on the correct planning and execution of work at height was the objective of the conference organized by Asempal, within the framework of the project “Technical Assistance Preventive Culture SMEs”, Funded by the Andalusian Institute for the Prevention of Occupational Risks (IAPRL) of the Junta de Andalucía.

A free technical conference that took place at the headquarters of the Confederation and in which the uniqueness of work carried out at height and the correct application of preventive measures were revealed.

This new action on the prevention of occupational risks was attended by the General Secretary of Asempal, Encarnación Gil, and the Territorial Delegate for Employment, Business and Self-Employment, Amós García.

In her speech, the Secretary General of the Confederation reaffirmed Asempal’s commitment to occupational health and safety and the need to establish strategies that help prevent accidents, with greater awareness and training. , especially for SMEs and the self-employed. “You have to be inflexible to fight against accidents at work and that requires the sum of everyone’s efforts.”

The delegate for employment, business and self-employment, Amós García, indicated that this day “comes in addition to the joint work that the Andalusian government and the economic and social agents of Almería are doing to raise awareness and train professionals , companies in prevention, workers, middle managers and trade union delegates” and, in the case of this conference “to avoid accidents due to falls from heights, which represent 17% of work accidents in Andalusia”.

In this sense, he recalled the two conferences organized on this subject last month by the Employment Delegation with the association of mutual insurance companies and the IAPRL and other actions such as the campaign ‘If you climb in complete safety, you will surely come down ‘, the reinforcement of the advice and verification of the state of the roofs in the workplace by the Council’s prevention technicians and the almost 300,000 euros of incentives granted for companies in Almeria to improve their safety.

After some general considerations on working at height, the speaker and engineer, Manuel Pinos Segura, explained in detail the different protection and prevention measures to take into account when carrying out this type of work, such as training and risk information, personnel measures and standards, health monitoring, design of protocols to follow in case of emergency, unforeseen events and the importance of maintenance, review and compliance periodic safety checks of work equipment.

Emphasis was also placed on setting up the preventive resource in the companies, an effective tool that helps us to control both the risks already identified and those that could arise.

A real demonstration was made of the different parts that make up a fall arrest harness, the functionality of each of them and the importance of their correct placement to avoid injuries. Similarly, the management of PEIS (protection of the head, feet, hands and appropriate clothing), essential for work, suspension systems and fall dynamics, has been reviewed.

Preventive culture of SMEs

Through the “Technical assistance for the preventive culture of SMEs” project funded by the Andalusian Institute for the Prevention of Occupational Risks (IAPRL) of the Junta de Andalucía, Asempal articulates a series of actions that include both advice, technical assistance and the resolution of questions derived from the practice and the material application of preventive measures such as the holding of face-to-face information sessions.


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