Assembly work on the central module has begun

With the end of the winter season, assembly work resumed at the new station Rio Gallegos bus station. This was stated by the government secretary of the municipality, Silvio Escobar, in dialogue with Southern time. The manager gave details on the progress: “The weather allows work to resume abroad, even if despite the low temperatures, the work continued in the workshops of the winning company.” It was the same for the Planning Secretary, Horacio Capel, who estimated that “with the arrival of the materials, the work will progress at a good pace”.

It should be noted that the core that runs through the front part and that unites both the structures and the dependencies is the one that specifically concerns the commercial area, however, at the rear of the building the docks are built where the units of the various companies. The work is done largely thanks to the so-called “dry” construction or metal frame, which allowed the continuity of certain tasks despite the low temperatures that prevailed.

“They work with what’s the metal part and the glass,” Escobar said. “The structure has large windows that allow the view towards the hills, even appreciating the arrival of planes.”

Public Works is raising funding of over 300 million pesos that will result in a 2,000 square meter building. It is located just at the top of the runway of the “Piloto Civil Norberto Fernández” International Airport, on National Route 3.

Escobar recalled that “the location is strategic, as it is at the entrance to the city, which takes long-distance bus traffic out of the conurbation. The current terminal was very small, it is no longer operational given the population growth experienced by the municipality and the number of companies providing passenger transport. It is a building almost three times larger than the one that already exists, which is almost 40 years old,” the secretary said.

“This terminal will function as a transport distribution centre, it has a fast connection with the airport to make transfers and access for all types of transport, whether passengers, and it is also intended for transport used by certain companies.

The project is developed from an agreement between the Ministry of Transport of the Nation and the Municipality of Río Gallegos, within the “Programme of Nodal Infrastructures for Public Transport of Passengers”, aimed at provincial and municipal governments.

In conclusion, he indicated that “when the service is improved, it is one more tool to promote tourism because people begin to see the city in a different way. We want people to come to Río Gallegos and have a state-of-the-art terminal, to continue promoting the city we all want.

On the other hand, the Planning Secretary, Horacio Capel, confirmed to this media “that the assembly of the central structure began yesterday”. With the materials arriving, delayed by market issues, “this month we will see significant progress.”

“In the side modules, where the toilets, ticket offices and administrative offices will be, it is already covered and the enclosure is finished. From now on, the works will be concentrated in the central wing,” he added.

local labor

Last week, when paving work began on 13th Street in the San Benito neighborhood, the mayor announced that in the next few days the main structure would be assembled, which is the one that unites the two service centers. Will the facilities consist of three modules, two of which are almost ready, pending placement of openings and glass. “Generally, this type of construction was assembled in Buenos Aires and brought to town. Now the company builds it and welds it here,” said the president, which adds value, which is the occupation of the city’s workforce. “We are very happy to offer work for the city of Río Gallegos and that the neighbors have more opportunities,” he said.


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