Attributed the archaeological works of the Paseo de Romayla

The awarding of the project management contract for the archaeological works associated with the recovery of Paseo Romayla, promoted by the Granada City Council and the Board of Directors of the Alhambra and Generalife, has been ratified by the Government Council local this Friday for an amount of 23,249 euros, according to the mayor of Town Planning, Miguel Ángel Fernández Madrid, who indicated that the reform of this enclave at the foot of the Nasrid monument will not begin this year despite what was initially planned.

This was indicated in a press conference by Fernández Madrid, who pointed out that the pending heritage impact study is “almost complete”, and the results of these archaeological works that have been estimated after being examined by the municipal architecture zone will be integrated into it. in accordance with certain reports from Icomos-Spain.

When this impact study is ready, the drafting of the project will continue, the relevant permits will be requested from the Council of Culture and the Board of Directors of the Alhambra and the tender for the works, indicated Fernández Madrid, who explained that it is a “very unique environment” for which he considered that “this archaeological excavation is carried out specifically” despite the previous surveys that have already been carried out.

He detailed the problems for which this work will not start this year and indicated that they are “unrelated to this government team”, from the PSOE, at the same time as he indicated that he had already asked the council to administration to convene a meeting of the Alhambra Plan monitoring committee to “agree on the best formula so that the investment that the Council was going to make overall” is not “lost”. It is that the city, as reported by the Granada City Council in a press release, “can receive the 1.8 million euros budgeted to carry out the intervention”.

In this regard, it should be recalled that the municipal review of the project focused on the planned landscape preservation intervention in the Romayla ditch incorporating, as stated at the time, the “contributions and suggestions” of Icomos-Spain. It was exhibited during the month of April in the Town Hall during the information and public exhibition phase imposed by the town planning regulations.

Lighting bridges of the Darro

Along with this case, the local government council also approved this Friday the awarding of the ornamental lighting work contract for the bridges over the Darro River (Puente del Cadí, Puente Espinosa, Puente Cabrera and the one at the beginning of the arch next to the Church of Santa Ana). The intervention, which is part of the Alhambra Plan works, is budgeted at 138,000 euros and has an execution period of four months.

As detailed by the mayor, the works propose “to completely renew the existing ornamental lighting installation for another that corrects the problems related to its deterioration suffered over the years, vandalism and high energy consumption and the interview”.

Finally, Fernández Madrid also referred to the point in the file by which the sale of plots of the Partial Plan West 1 and West 2 for the construction of protected housing is declared void. En este sentido, ha hecho un llamamiento a los promoters y constructores de la ciudad para que formalicen una offer por este suelo y puedan construir en él vividas protegidas con las características de accesibilidad que marca la normative en una de las zones de mayor expansión de la town. “From this government team, we are activating public works as the engine of the city’s economic recovery and job creation,” he concluded.

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