Aucorsa convenes the job bank to cover mechanic vacancies

The Official Gazette of the province published this Tuesday the bases of the call to create the job exchange that covers the vacancies that occur in the municipal bus company Aucorsa in the category of 2nd mechanic officer. The function of these workers will be to prevent, diagnose and repair faults in the company’s fleet of vehicles, whether mechanical, electrical or of any other type or specialty, so that the vehicle operates efficiently and safely. The bag will have eight places: seven for the general group and one for the disabled.

Applicants must be Spaniards, citizens of one of the Member States of the European Union or foreigners with legal status in Spain and fluent in Spanish; hold a class D driving license or provide proof of its approval, have at least the title of Motor Vehicle Electromechanical Technician or its equivalent, or provide proof of professional experience of at least two years, during the last ten years on the date of submission of the application for registration; At least one year’s experience in similar positions within the last decade; pay the examination fees, present the invalidity certificate if necessary, as well as a sworn statement attesting that you do not present any of the deficiencies or pathologies appearing in the list of exclusions provided for.

The deadline for submitting the application for admission and the documentation will be ten working days from this Wednesday. Applicants should submit their application to the Human Resources area of ​​the company (Calle Los Artesanos, s/n) or by certified mail, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. The submission of applications by certified mail must be communicated by email to the following address: [email protected] They must also attach proof of having paid the economic rights for a value of 25 euros. Said payment will be made by deposit or bank transfer to the Autobuses de Córdoba SA account, in the CAJASUR entity: ES50 0237 0210 3091 5108 7578 indicating the Aucorsa examination rights, name, surname and registration number. identification.

The call will consist of a theoretical exam of 45 questions, a test of adaptation to the professional profile of the position and a practical test. The agenda will be provided to each candidate when formalizing registration.

Exclusions provided in the appeal

Aucorsa has provided for a series of medical exclusions that make participation in this call incompatible. These are monocular or binocular vision, a reduction in the visual field greater than 10%, palpebral or ocular motility, eye diseases, hearing acuity, deafness, vertigo, diseases of hearing, motility or alterations in the legs and arms, joint ankylosis, alterations in the spine or in the musculoskeletal system.

In the cardiocirculatory section, applicants with high blood pressure, heart failure, heart rhythm disorders, coronary artery disease, and venous or cardiovascular disease will be excluded.

Exclusions also relate to chronic kidney disease, micturition disorders, laboratory abnormalities, dyspnea, respiratory, gastrointestinal or endocrine-metabolic diseases, diabetes mellitus, a body mass index equal to or greater than 35, hematological disorders, cerebral spinal cord diseases, neuromuscular and mental disorders. , language disorders, alcoholism and drug addiction.

Other professional activities

Generic activities of the position include the following: perform preventative maintenance of the company’s fleet by following the maintenance instructions for each vehicle and the prescribed checklists; perform corrective maintenance on vehicles, addressing the repair of any component, whether mechanical (motors, gearboxes), electrical or electronic, pneumatic, brake circuit, air conditioning, hydraulic, compressed gas, etc. ; consult (and therefore know) the computer and the system which houses the procedures for maintenance operations of the marks; communicate and record in writing any incident or technical question to the Technical Manager of the Workshop or to the Foremen; complete the work order documents according to the established procedures, indicating the operations carried out, the anomalies detected and the start and end times; request the supply of material or spare parts from the warehouse necessary to carry out preventive or corrective maintenance operations. In the event that the warehouse does not have the required materials, process the order through the foremen or technical manager.

In addition, mechanics must assist vehicles in service en route, incorporate them or bring them back to the workshop if necessary; and use the tools and safety equipment necessary to carry out the work in safe conditions.

Bag validity

The employment exchange will be valid for four years from its constitution, subject to an additional extension of one year if, before this date, a procedure has not been called for the coverage of vacancies in the category of 2nd engineer officer, until the Constitution of a new pool of temporary jobs resulting from a call for vacant positions in the said category, or until the people who compose it are exhausted for the needs of the call, according to the first possibility.


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