Make Pocket Money While Driving Your Car

How Does Work? partners with companies that want to advertise, acting as a go-between for drivers and companies.

There are no mileage requirements. It doesn’t matter where you live or what kind of car you drive. In theory, you could leave your car in the garage, never drive it and still get paid. You also get to choose what company or companies you want to advertise. takes its cut of the ad deals and then splits the rest of the money among the drivers who have verified participation.

You have to pay a subscription fee that you get back every month that you verify. You also have to pay upfront for your stickers to join a campaign. There’s an option to pay extra to double your revenue and to advertise for five companies instead of one (and get paid more each month). then pays you cash as well as up to $50 per month in gift cards for every month you verify.

How Much Money Can I Make?

I like to maximize opportunities. I paid for double revenue and I also paid to put five decals on my car instead of just one.

I’ve made between $15.60 and $26.63 in cash during the full months that I’ve participated. I’ve also received $50 in gift cards each month. Therefore my total compensation has been at least $65.60 per month. I’m on pace to earn $853.44 in total compensation for the year.

If you have the single-sticker deal and if you don’t pay for double revenue, you’ll earn less.

Once you get your decals, verify that you have placed them on your car correctly as soon as possible. That’s because will prorate your first month’s earnings. If you verify that you started participating on the 16th day of a 30-day month, you’ll get only half a month’s pay.

You get paid the cash through PayPal, so you need a PayPal account to receive the money. And you can access any earnings through the Stickr website.

During my review, I noticed the company also has an affiliate program that provides you with some basic tools. If you have a strong background in marketing, you may be able to leverage this program to make additional money.

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What Kinds of Companies Advertise?

As I mentioned previously, you can choose which company that you want to advertise on your car. provides some basic information about its campaigns and shows you what the sticker will look like before you commit.

Stickr itself has a catchy campaign decal with a “made you look” hand gesture.

There’s an auto insurance company, a company that claims it can boost your Instagram followers and a few well-known direct-to-consumer businesses.

Here’s a list of companies that I chose for my car as well as other campaigns in my area that were active as of September 2020:

  • (social media agency)
  • Pedigree (dog food)
  • 1-800 Contacts
  • (scavenger hunts)

How to Cancel Your Membership

Sometimes it can be very difficult to cancel memberships, particularly with companies that may use shady marketing tactics.

However, that does not appear to be the case with If you are a member and wish to cancel, sign in to your dashboard at Click on “My Account.” You’ll see a large red button on that page that says “Cancel Account.”

You can also go to, click on “Manage Account” and then click “Cancel My Account.”

This will take you to a six-question form that you must fill out. It includes your name, email address, telephone number and two questions about why you’re canceling.