Award of the next road paving works in seven parishes of the Compostela countryside

Santiago. The local government meeting held yesterday by Raxoi served to give the green light to the award of the paving works of a series of secondary and interior roads belonging to the parishes of Verdía Marantes, A Gracia, Marrozos, Sabugueira, Villestro, Conxo and Aríns for a total amount of 270,244.47 euros. These works involve three contracts of the Department of Rural Environment, led by José Manuel Pichel, financed by the Provincial Plan for Cooperation in Works and Services of Municipal Competence ‘#PO +’ of the Provincial Council of A Coruña.

Thus, on the one hand, it was decided to award the contract for the paving works of the secondary roads of Verdía, Marantes, A Gracia, Marrozos, Sabugueira, Villestro, A Curuxeira and Aríns to the company Eulogio Viña Obras y Construcciones SANA , which presented an economic offer of 117,992.47 euros. Most notable is the work planned in Aríns, which includes upgrading the access road to the cemetery so that it can be used by buses. It also includes the construction of a halt so that travelers can get off safely, without impeding the movement of other vehicles.

For its part, the contract for the paving of Elena Quiroga A Barca and A Braña streets in Silvouta (Villestro) has been awarded to the company Explotaciones Gallegas, SL with an economic offer of 53,832 euros. It envisages the hot paving of two sections: the one that connects Rúa de Muros to SUNP-25 Rubios-Quintáns, more specifically Elena Quiroga de Abarca Street; and a section of the road that connects Calle de Muros to A Braña de Silvouta, specifically the first, where the houses are located.

And, finally, the contract with which the paving works of the internal road in Carlexo and A Braña de Silvouta (Villestro) and San Xordo and A Sionlla (Sabugueira) will see the light of day has been awarded to the company Obras y Viales de Galicia SL , which presented a financial offer of 98,420 euros. It will be carried out in triple asphalt irrigation and it will frame the continuation of the previous section -up to A Silvouta-, as well as two other roads in Carlexo that connect the rural nucleus to CP 7802.

OTHER REPRESENTATIONS. At the same time, the contract for the execution works of the project ‘PALO Verónica Boquete Corrective Measures – Phase I (Priority Actions)’ has also been awarded to the company 2000 Joscon Construcciones SL. for a total amount of 131,890 euros. The plan envisages various actions in order to achieve an improvement in safety and accessibility in this stadium, from the replacement of the fences of the stairs with awnings to the redistribution of the stands, the provision of places for people with reduced mobility -as well as the adaptation of the bathrooms, the replacement of the handrails and the installation of grab bars in the stands. Finally, the contract for the renovation of the Xoán XXIII glass platform was also awarded to the company Benelus-Natur SLU, which submitted a financial offer of 180,589.19 euros.

AGREEMENTS. With regard to the approval of the agreements, the file relating to the development works of the Eugenio Granell Park service car park has received the green light, as well as the opening of the award procedure for an amount of 131,696.97 euros, as well as the text of the agreement and the granting of the subsidy to the Association of the Conservatory of Traditional Music E. Folque in the amount of 20,000 euros.

Finally, the signing of the agreement between the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, the Xunta and the Council for the development of activities within the framework of the Capital of Social Economy for the year 2022 for 260,000 euros has also been reported. Of these, 100,000 are provided by the Ministry, 60,000 by the City Council and the rest by the Xunta. EKG


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