Awarded First Edition ‘Advancing in Equality’ Awards | ULPGC

*The prizes recognize the best end-of-study and master’s projects that deal with issues related to equality

The tuesday 13 decemberthe institutional headquarters (c/ Juan de Quesada, 30. Vegueta) hosted the awards ceremony I edition of the call ‘Advancing in Equality’ of the ULPGCorganized by the equality unitwith the collaboration of Council of Gran Canaria.

The award ceremony, addressed to Best end-of-study projects (TFG) and end-of-master projects (TFM) which address issues related to equality, was led by the Rector of the ULPGC, Luis Serra Majemaccompanied by the councilor for equality of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Sara Ramirez; and by the director of the Equality Unit of the ULPGC, Caroline Mesa.

In total, they delivered three prizesone for each category plus a second prize in the TFG category, which fell to:

  • Best Graduation Project Award: Project “Prevention and approach to the double stigma suffered by women with serious mental disorders in the Canary Islands and social work action” presented by the student Mikel Luis Hernandez and supervised by sociology professor Ana Beatriz Rodríguez Ruano
    Prize endowed with 500 euros and supporting diploma.
  • Second prize in the Graduation Project modality: Project “The writing of TRANS in the work of Camila Sosa Villada: Autofiction and subjectivity” of the student Sergio Javier Rosales Hernandez and tutored by the professor of Spanish literature Ángeles Mateo del Pino Prize endowed with 300 euros and diploma of accreditation.
    The prize was collected by his mother, Alice Hernández.
  • Category of the best master’s thesis: Project “Spanish as a foreign language: Didactic unit on the LGTBI community” of the student Gabriel Justo Mendoza Baquero and supervised by Spanish teachers Ángeles Mateo del Pino and Nayra Rodríguez Rodríguez
    Prize endowed with 800 euros and supporting diploma.

The work was evaluated by a jury made up of the Director of the Equality Unit, Carolina Mesa; the director of the university library, María del Carmen Martín Marichal; the professor of modern history of the ULPGC, Juan Manuel Santana Pérez; the full professor of labor law and social security at the ULPGC, María del Carmen Estévez González; and educator and promoter of equality, Javier López Hernández. For their evaluation, the projects were presented to the jury anonymously, identifying themselves with the mission number according to their order of arrival and registration.

During the award ceremony, the Director of Equality of the ULPGC Caroline Mesa underlined the high level of the works presented, which amounted to a total of 23 works (16 corresponding to End of Studies Projects and 7 to End of Master’s Studies Projects), and the in-depth debate between the members of the jury for the election of the winners.

For her part, the councilor for equality of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Sara Ramirez, underlined the University’s involvement in promoting equality and student engagement, which was reflected in the high turnout recorded for the call. Likewise, he stressed the importance of synergies between institutions and companies to “work together for a more egalitarian and diverse island”.

The Chancellor Lluis Serra was responsible for closing the order of intervention, highlighting the main objectives of the II Equality Plan of the ULPGC, recently approved, and noting that the University has as one of its main commitments, the promotion of the equality and education with respect for rights and freedoms.

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