Beginning of public lighting modernization works in the Isla Perdida neighborhood

The Councilor for Resource Management of the Valencia City Council, Luisa Notario, and representatives of the Isla Perdida district, in the maritime district, met to finalize the details of the project to improve public lighting in the district, a initiative proposed and voted mainly by the neighborhood in the 2020/21 participatory budgets with the aim of modernizing lighting with LED technology and eliminating roadblocks

Valencia City Hall will begin work to renovate public lighting in Poeta Más and Ros streets next week. This action corresponds specifically to lot 3 of the lighting renewal project, which gave rise to the citizen participation process 2020-2021c, in which the lampposts of several streets in the Benicalap district and the Camins al Grau playgrounds will also be renewed.

“These actions are extremely important because they respond directly to the will expressed by the inhabitants in the participatory process, the continuous dialogue with citizens and the participation of the inhabitants of the city of Valencia in decision-making on municipal management. is a brand of the government of Joan Ribó. Approaching the neighborhoods, discussing with project promoters and listening to what they want is essential because, without a doubt, it improves the results of the projects, explained Notario. “We want to make sure that the whole process continues to be done in collaboration with the residents of the neighborhood and that is why we held this meeting to clarify the details of an intervention that will affect the daily life and improve the quality of life of its people”

Specifically, the intervention will consist of renewing the existing lighting between Músico Ginés and Josep María de Haro streets, which currently consists of 24 road poles, which will be replaced by 64 NARANJO model columns, with extra-warm Led street lamp FERNANDO VII , TCC 2700 ºK CRI 80, similar to those existing in the first section. Some adjacent streets such as Calle Leones, Humanista Furió and Calle Industria will also be renovated, leaving the entire installation of these streets entirely managed remotely with point-to-point control of the luminaires.

Calle Poeta Mas y Ros is a street of significant dimensions, with a total length of approximately 1,180 linear meters. Specifically, it goes from Republica Argentina Street to Jose María Haro: that same year, in May, the transformation of VSAP sodium vapor technology from Led technology 250 Watts, 40 W, with extra color Leds -warm, TCC 2,700ºK , and high color rendering, CRI 80, as part of the improvement plan proposed by the company that has won the current maintenance contract for the northern area, to which the street belongs.

The amount of the intervention amounts to a total of €146,241.67 + VAT = €176,952.42, which make up the amount of Lot 3, out of a total investment for the four lots of €517,870.55 + VAT = €626,623.36, i.e. the total investment for the call for tenders.

This action is part of the sustainability and energy efficiency strategy that we have been working on since 2015. And which has resulted in the reduction of the energy consumption of the Valencia City Council by more than 8.5 million euros (8,741,820 euros) since 2015, which represents approximately 50% of the energy bill”. Notario ha añadido que ese descenso “es el resultado de las diferentes actions de eficiencia énergética que el Ayuntamiento está implementando, como es el caso del Plan de Efficiencia Energética, con el objetivo de cambiar la installation de l’alumbrado público a tecnología más eficiente y respectant con the environment”. “But also – he continued – that of municipal buildings and schools, through the transformation of more than 80% of the public lighting installation into sustainable lighting, with benefits for the municipal coffers, for the well-being of citizens, for the reduction of intrusive light and for the environment and the health of people, thanks to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions”.

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