Beginning of the construction works of the Animal Welfare Center – El Sol de Parral

With an investment of two million pesos, the municipal president César Peña begins the construction works of the new animal welfare center, which will be located next to the Olympic stadium, Humberto Mariles Cortez, in order to protect the dogs and cats that are in a situation of abandonment and who have been mistreated, this center will have a hospitalization area, an operating theater area, an office, a refuge area, a recreational area and ‘shelter.

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In the morning of today, the municipality launches the construction of the new animal welfare center, one of the works chosen in the participatory budget, where people voted for its construction, César Gutiérrez, responsible for social development reported that this center sets the standard in the history of Parral in animal protection, thanks to the two thousand 331 voters, it is now a reality.

For her part, Ana Castillo, from the Recuperando Amor association, indicated that years ago the construction of a center like this was unthinkable, now thanks to the citizens and the municipal president, pets cats and dogs who are in a situation of abandonment and abuse, they will have a refuge to take care of them and channel them with families who give them love and care for them, today c is a fact.

Carolina Hernández of the Canine Squad Lifeguards Association pointed out that they are united by the love of animals, having a better place for them, she said they have two years of work for the defense of rights of animals, the canine squad is made up of the municipalities of Parral, Matamoros, Santa Bárbara and San Francisco del Oro and the support of the municipal presidents.

Likewise, he indicated that rescuing and adopting animals is not an easy task, for this a culture of love and respect towards animals must be established, for this this can only be achieved. ‘with actions like this, they wholeheartedly wish that This Animal Welfare Center marks a before and after in society, which serves to solve animal overpopulation, as well as the abandonment and mistreatment of them, he said that until the animals have a voice, they will continue to listen to ours.

The municipal president César Peña Valles in his message indicated that these animal associations have been devoting their time, effort and money for many years to the defense and protection of domestic animals, he said that during his campaign, the one of the complaints was about stray animals, many of which they had an owner, it is the responsibility of each of us to care for our small animals.

For people who do not take care of them and the only thing they do is hit them, hurt them and mistreat them, that is, when the civil associations enter, in Parral thanks to the initiatives presented to the councilors of the Cabildo, it was approved that this type of people who hit should be punished and they torture the animals, but they really should be punished, fortunately it is already done and there is justice for them.

He pointed out that now a before and an after will be marked, because with the construction of the animal protection center, where dogs and cats will be protected and cared for, they will also be channeled to give them for adoption to families who s take care of them.provide love and cities, that’s why he urges people to adopt a small animal, which will take care of us and protect us, the most important will give us unconditional love.

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Finally, he indicated that it is not a question of filling this space with animals, it is a question of being a space for the well-being of pets, from which they leave educated, healthy and fed to Parralenses homes, this center was born from the need to create a space Dedicated to the rescue, care and control of the animal population, animals in street situations, this center will have an area of ​​4,000 square meters and a investment of 2 million pesos will be applied.


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