Beginning of work to adapt the park and ride located in front of the Library of Navarre

Pamplona City Hall this week began the work of adapt the relay car park located in front of the Library and Cinematheque of Navarre and the Superior Conservatory of Music ‘Pablo Sarasate’ of Navarre, in the district of Mendebaldea. With respect to service guarantee at all times as long as the intervention lasts, it will be done in two phases, leaving the other crew area available. A total of nine relay car parks in the city will be adapted, and the free use system will continue to be used for the first 24 hours, which has already given good results in the Rochapea district, next to Capuchinos.

In the studies carried out both in this car park and in the one located between the lecture halls of the Public University of Navarre and the Arrosadía pavilion, it was detected that rotation is minimalFor what it became necessary to really transform them into a park and ride to facilitate daily access to the city. The objective in these two spaces, with a capacity of 582 vehicles in Mendebaldea and 236 in La Milagrosa, is to try to promote rotation and prevent the space from being occupied by long-term stays.

The system they will integrate will allow the first 24 hours are free, applying from the second day the rates of the orange zone.

Actions in dissuasive car parks consist of perimeter fencing and lighting, installation of access control systems and security cameras, paving and painting of spaces, and their subsequent maintenance. Likewise, they will be equipped with technological elements that will allow in the future the reservation of places, the knowledge of free and occupied places and other facilities for the user.

The need to offer relay parking spaces is driven by the expansion of the limited parking area and the high number of vehicles that visit the city daily. The objective of the city council is to try to meet all these parking needs, facilitating circulation in the various authorized spaces, charging them after 24 hours. The installation of the new relay car parks, at the entrances to the city, also allows quick access to bus lines or alternative means of transport, provides security for parked vehicles and reduces road traffic in the centre.

Actions in nine car parks supported by Next Generation funds

All of the actions planned in this renovation represent an investment of 1,242,674.74 euros, from the Next Generation European recovery fund. The Consistory will pay 102,700 euros of the total cost. Specifically, in addition to the parking pockets located next to the Navarra Library and the Arrosadía Sports Center, Trinitarios 1 will be expanded, which will have 590 spaces, and a new parking lot will be set up in Trinitarios 2, after the Biurdana High School, with 199 seats. In the San Jorge district, a 108-space car park will also be adapted next to the railway tracks.

These 1,500 additional spaces will be added to the 574 already activated in the Rochapea (280 spaces), Milagrosa 1 (158), Milagrosa 2 (136) and Milagrosa 3 (230) car parks, already launched in a first phase. The data collected in these car parks show that the vehicles that use these places to park for more than a day are rare, barely 1%, so they would meet the objective of facilitating rotation and serving as a dissuasive car park.


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