Beginning of work to transform Route 70

This week the work front is in Bella Italia and Nuevo Torino. They will convert the corridor between Rafaela and Recreo into a “safe route” with third passing lanes. There will be new roundabouts and several sections of the 74 km will be redone. The investment is over 15 billion pesos.

The Ministry of Infrastructure, Utilities and Housing, through the Provincial Roads Directorate, has started in recent weeks with the construction of a “safe road” on Provincial Road No. 70, on the 74 kilometer stretch between the Santa Fe City Beltway and the eastern access to the city of Rafaela.

With a contract signed for $15,994,252,249.25, the works are in charge of the transitional union between the firms Obring SA, Laromet SA and Néstor Julio Guerechet SA and have a duration of execution of 12 months.

To start, tasks on deep and shallow potholes are carried out in two different sections of the western part of the section: between kilometers 52 and 53, roundabout of Nuevo Torino (intersection with the provincial road n. 10); and between kilometers 69 and 70, in the urban limit of Bella Italia.


The works are based on the formation of the first ‘Safe Route’ of the provincial territory, and in detail they focus on:

– Construction of passing lanes (third lane, 3.5 meters wide), which will be alternated over lengths of no less than 2,000 meters, facilitating overtaking maneuvers in 45 to 50% of the corridor, accelerating vehicle traffic and improving user safety.

– Improved shoulders on both sides of the main road, which will increase safety in the event of unforeseen maneuvers and the elimination of lags at the edge of the track.

– Renovation of urban crossings in Esperanza, Humboldt, Nuevo Torino, Bella Italia and Rafaela with the construction of additional lanes for the transformation into two-lane carriageways in each direction of traffic, new lighting, interventions on drainage and greater traffic regulation.

– Resurfacing of existing roads 7.3 meters wide, which will be rebuilt in order to restore their surface and structural condition.


For the proper development of the project, the elements to be carried out by the contracting companies are:

– Landslides: construction of embankments with special compaction for development and access to front properties; clearing for ditches, and filling with topsoil for flowerbeds and islands.

– Potholes: It will be made with superficial and deep asphalt concrete with the irrigation of the corresponding league. In areas where deep work is being carried out, stabilized granular cement will be incorporated.

– On the road: Milling for replacement of asphalt layer, sealing of cracks, demolition of concrete pavement and opening of caisson for widening. The new bearing layers will be applied on a stabilized cemented granular base and a sub-layer of earth, sand and lime.

– Drains: Reinforced concrete pipes in access to properties; sinkholes, manholes, lined gutters, demolition of sewers, pipes in urban passages and other constructions.

– Infrastructure: metal railings, signalized intersections, horizontal and vertical signage, new shelters for public transport passengers, rehabilitation of bridges, stone concrete cords and construction of new lighting systems with single and double columns arm, among others.

In a few days, the transformation of Route 70 into the Safe Route would begin

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