Bergara: The play ‘Works inside’ opens the puppet show

The piece ‘inner work’ arrives today on the Seminarixoa stage for everyone. / DV

The theater will be the main protagonist throughout the week thanks to various proposals in Seminarixoa


The new international adult puppet biennial is here after a year of hiatus thanks to various proposals that will take place over the next few days starting at 8:00 p.m. in Seminarixoa. An opportunity for adults to confront this form of performing art and discover first-hand some of the most remarkable proposals of the scene.

On this occasion, the exhibition will begin with the play ‘Works of the Interior’ by the Behibi’s company, which will have the actress Patricia Franko as the main protagonist of this proposal.

A magnificent exercise in self-observation “or a not at all complacent inner look at who we are and what we do behind closed doors. The function will take place tomorrow, Thursday, starting at 8:00 p.m.

All the works will be staged this week in Seminarixoa from 8:00 p.m.


The work carries out a work of introspection and deployment that the puppeteer actress achieves “from a register of pronounced critical humor, which ranges from sarcasm to ruthless mockery, from the oblique gaze which likes to bring out the dark sides of life and people, and who knows how to laugh at the world and at herself. With a hilarious self-confidence and blessed with a natural grace due to spontaneous and unapologetic movement, Patricia Franco offers a subtle and profound puppet lesson through the unfolding of her character, which she interprets from different and changing angles. , with and without doll. .

Aquellos que han podido disfrutar de la obra destacan de ella su “impecable simetría del contenido de la obra, basado en esta concepción en negative de la vida, a la que se llega no por vocación sino por necessidad de supervivencia: empieza la obra converted la Actriz en una marioneta de fin del mundo post-atómico, y acaba desnudada de sus máscaras frente a la playa del Fin del Mundo, donde se visualiza un mundo en ruinas donde lo único que cabe hacer es buscar los residues de lo que fue y ya it’s not”.

stage art

In addition, the piece ‘Mierda de ciudad’ will be presented on Friday. Thus, Seminarixoa hosts, from 8:00 p.m., the premiere in the city of the work of this theater by the company Solobe Art, this work is presented within the framework of the 26th international exhibition of puppets for adults. Tickets can be purchased for eight euros: “’Mierda de ciudad’ is a stage project of a performative nature that tells the countercultural movement of Basque radical rock and its historical context of struggles and music, using western and colonization as an analogy with youth cultural movements.

The device offers a journey through models of Indians and cowboys, western films and theatrical text as a documentary theater, using live video, music and soundscape as main scenic languages.

Another outstanding work will be ‘Pasos Largos’ by Cia Coriolises, also on Saturdays at Seminarixoa from 8:00 p.m. “Uruguayan/Argentinian co-production awarded by Iberescena, with a young and creative team pursuing an in-depth investigation of the different languages ​​that the current puppet theater contemplates. An exhaustive work of research and experimentation in techniques, realizing as a result of mixing and innovation, new and personal ways of telling the possibilities of a soloist”.


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