Bermudo Soriano, the “great example” of the City’s commitment to the outskirts

Since the beginning of the legislature, the city government, through the ministries of development and urban services, has been working on a roadmap whose main objective is that no district of the city is left behind and that all have the best services at the service of its neighbors. Thus, many works have been carried out in the different districts of the city, the Government having a particular “zeal” for the outskirts.

This is demonstrated by the numerous actions that have been carried out since the beginning of this legislature which has entered its final stretch, in addition to the meetings that the directors Alejandro Ramírez and Yamal Dris, with the presence of the president of the Provincial Federation of Les neighborhood associations (FPAV) and the director of Obimace, Fernando Ramos, supported with the presidents of the neighborhood associations to take an interest in the claims and concerns of the neighbors in order, in this way, to initiate the steps to correct these requests.

A clear example of this “commitment” of the municipal government with the neighborhoods of the outskirts, are the works that have been carried out in Bermudo Soriano for months. A neighborhood that needed basic actions to improve the quality of life of its neighbors and which is gradually being transformed thanks to the work led by the two ministries.

In this sense, in recent weeks it has been possible to verify the “change in the face of the neighborhood”, which has a new parking lot due to the lack of parking lots in the area, while all the streetlights have been replaced by LED lighting. In addition, since the beginning of the week, all the railings have been replaced.

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These works are also in addition to those carried out concerning the maintenance of green spaces through the Green Brigades, which have conditioned all planters, as well as the repair of the sewage system so that possible floods do not occur. not produce during the rainy season. .. as has happened on other occasions.

The treasurer of the Bermudo Soriano Neighborhood Association, Omar Chaib, would like to thank the municipal government, the municipal company of Obimace and the Neighborhood Federation itself. “Little by little the district has been transformed thanks to the commitment that the City has shown at all times in the face of our requests”, he underlines, stressing that “thanks to this work we have succeeded in ensuring that that our neighborhood has a better quality services and that our neighbors can have parking that is in great demand due to the lack of parking that we had in the neighborhood.Without a doubt, these are works that show that the government is not working not only in the center of the city, although this is perhaps the most attractive, but that maintenance, rehabilitation and new construction works are also carried out in the neighborhoods where we are located.the outskirts, such as this is the case of Bermudo Soriano.It should be remembered that the neighborhood association Bermudo Soriano itself recently recognized the work of FPAV and Obimace with a small tribute in which Francisco García Segado and Fernando Ramos participated, q ui in their statements affirmed that “it does not stop there , we will continue to work not only for Bermudo Soriano, but for all the neighborhoods of Ceuta so that they are endowed and equipped with the best services and that their neighbors have enough tools to have good quality in the services themselves”.

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A new car park will soon be put out to tender to be built under the bottom of the valley of the district

The actions in the Bermudo Soriano district will not stop and this has been declared both by the management of Obimace and by the city itself. Thus, following the request of the Neighborhood Association of the district, the call tenders for a new car park which will be located in the lower part of the valley. In this way, the newly built parking lot would be destined for a children’s play area with biohealthy food so that young and old can enjoy a leisure space that, without a doubt, has been one of the great demands of the neighborhood , since the current one, located on the corner of Avenida de Lisboa, is in very poor condition. In this sense, from the Neighborhood Association, they assure that the director of Obimace, Fernando Ramos, has informed that in the coming days this new parking lot will be put to tender, which is why the inhabitants of Bermudo Soriano are very grateful to the City.


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