Berri Wood, the most requested solid wood furniture in Navarre

around jesus started his relationship with the wood since it was a young man. Without landmarks in his family environment on this world, he began by himself to do manual labor and their beginnings as “do-it-yourselfers”. Natural from Pamplona studied in his adolescence a VET of artistic cabinetmakingin which the splinter was nailed with manual woodworking.

not round considered sufficient for his coaching thus, after this initiation to wood, he studied the university degree of social work. This led him to work as educator until months before the pandemic, when he decided to devote himself professional to his leisure“I’ve always had the Earthworm. Before devoting myself fully to the world of woodI worked as an educator in a school,” he explains.

Until 3 years ago when he jumped into the pool with berry wooda project that he undertakes and with which Redondo can finally say that he is dedicated to 100% in the woods. started this project in mocked in fitted sheet of 30 square meters that were becoming scarce and made way for his current workshop, located in the industrial zone of Weak Mutilva. In it, in addition to making commissions for furniture That is engravings Yes carvedalso confers Classes during the school year for those interested to know the world of wood and craftsmanship.

Redondo in these lessons shows his students the technical of wood, but he tries to infuse them with his philosophy about this raw material: connect, listen and feel the wood. With these same values, the craftsman justifies that “every blow to woodworking has a Kind of sound and that this guide at the studio when Cut“.

‘Atelier Berriwood Arte&Madera’ by Iosu Redondo in the industrial zone of Multiva Baja. IÑIGO ALZUGARAY

Redondo works with wood specialists who to bring material and noble woods such as that obtained from Walnut, Oak trees, is… These trees have a more robust and that it is not so flexible, which when working on it is more grateful more than one of the trees conifers. Try that all the trees come from Spainalthough he also works with french oakcoming from Burgundy.

For this young Navarrese, it is very important to respect to these trees and their life cyclewhich is usually around 600 years“I don’t work with people who don’t leave that time frame. Once they die or get diseases like stunningit’s him moment convenient for shoot them down and give them more years of life by using them as table of center or as a shelf or in the form of carved signs or figures,” explains Redondo.

in this treat Creation dialogue with him customer make a part solid wood only and personalized to everyone’s taste: from ladder to different sculpturessizes, colors… The consumer tells you about his idea and Redondo does the magic. Ask the client about the tones of the house, the space where it will be located… “According to the tone Woodland will do better or worse in a space, and that’s what I’m trying to do advise to customers, so that rooms be of your pleasure every life“, details the Pamplona.

Berriwood Art&Wood Workshop" of Iosu Redondo in the polygon of Multiva Baja.  IÑIGO ALZUGARAY
‘Atelier Berriwood Arte&Madera’ by Iosu Redondo in the industrial zone of Multiva Baja. IÑIGO ALZUGARAY

“I try to instill in them these values to all who pass by here, be students That is clients for them to leave awareIn fact, many of those who take the courses are in contact with a Family link Yes sentimental in connection with wood“says the craftsman.

The production of students it is exclusive. In fact, they themselves are what Choose What they want create. In remembrance, these take the The figures Yes resulting sizes signed with your name. On this subject, Redondo adds that “it is a rewarding experience both for him and for those initiated into the world of wood”.


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