Blas Infante will open completely to traffic for Christmas

Blas Infante street in the capital will be fully open to traffic at Christmas. This is the objective that the Almería City Council and the company “Construcciones Glesa” have set themselves in the framework of the works in progress since June 20 and which aim to improve accessibility and services in the area.

This was explained by the mayor of Almería, María del Mar Vázquez, during the visit to the site that she was making accompanied by the councilor for town planning and infrastructures, Ana Martínez Labella, and representatives of the ‘construction business. Work which according to the city councilor “is taking place on schedule” and which will require an investment of 1.2 million euros. “This work will give continuity to the one that has been undertaken in Santiago Street and aims to improve accessibility, pedestrian traffic and the development of all the network’s infrastructures,” they explain..


True, the distribution of the street itself makes it very difficult to convert it into a one hundred percent accessible road. The passages that circulate under the buildings on either side of the sidewalk they are located at a height much higher than that of the street, which makes it difficult to install ramps that comply with the regulations in terms of height difference. ANDMartínez Labella explains that, given this situation, the decision was “ensure that everyone can have access to the arcades at various points » but it is impossible for it to be accessible in its entirety.

General view of the works of Blas Infante StreetThe voice

As you walk through the works, you can see on the sidewalk to the right towards Calle Santiago that Two new ramps have been placed and an existing one will be doubled in order to be accessible from both sides.

The other sidewalk seems more complicated to make accessible since the different slopes are continuous because the entrances to the garages also pass, cutting the passage.

The commitment that the mayor made directly with a woman with reduced mobility who was on the road at the time, is that ramps be placed at the height of the pedestrian crossings which allow them to be able to pass from these spaces to the road without the need for assistance.

In addition to advancing the opening of road traffic for Christmas, María del Mar Vázquez ratified the municipal commitment in give new life to what was once the kindergarten of Polígono San Isidro and announced that “it will be a library” for the neighbors.

Paving work in one of the passages
Paving work in one of the passagesThe voice

Martínez Labella explained that in this moment, since the Gerencia de Urbanismo approved the acquisition of this space, ahora mismo se ha procedido a notificar a all los propietarios “que no son pocos”, de form que se firm la compra con cada uno of them. After the signature “a project will have to be carried out to transform the space into a socio-cultural project for the neighbors”.

Given this situation, it will perhaps be the next Corporation that will take charge of fulfilling this mission, which has been talked about since the previous one and which was even part of the electoral program of the people of the capital.

The execution of the project for the adaptation and improvement of Blas Infante and Arcipreste de Hita streets envisages the improvement of the pavement, road and street furniture with the aim of facilitating the mobility of citizens and promoting the interest residential and commercial that this area has today, giving continuity at the urban level to the action developed in the old corporation of Santiago street.

Thus, with the renovation of the existing infrastructure networks (supply, sanitation, rainwater, public lighting, etc.), the main objective of this action is to improve the area at the level of urbanization (paving), by unifying the typical sections of the streets, by providing them with uniform car parks and access roads of adequate dimensions, as well as a sidewalk that complies with current regulations on accessibility and the elimination of architectural barriers.

This is one of the new ramps that have been generated
This is one of the new ramps that have been generatedThe voice

The works will be completed with gardening, irrigation and road signs, as well as the installation of new services (underground containers).

The works are, according to the government team, agreed with neighbors and traders who are patiently awaiting the completion of some works that have led to cuts or reduced traffic in recent months.

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