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Hunger is a problem that must be addressed in the country and by the various actors, both the State and businesses and civil society, said the participants of the “Fight against Hunger” space held during of the second day of CADE Executives 2022.

On this subject, Carolina Trivelli, principal researcher at the Institute of Peruvian Studies (IEP), pointed out that there are currently 11% of children under the age of 5 who face a problem of malnutrition, while 4 out of 10 children under 36 months of age face a problem of anemia. Added to this is the problem of hunger, which has become a central aspect, but which previously was no longer a problem in the country, he said.

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“In 2012, in the Barometer of the Americas, Peruvian families were asked if, due to a lack of money in the last three months, they had ever run out of food at home. 17% answered in 2012, when the level of poverty was the same as today, 26%. We repeated this question in June this year [2022] and 44% of Peruvians answered that at some point in their house they ran out of food for lack of money. 61% [estaba] in socioeconomic stratum D and E,” Trivelli said.

Vasco Masías, president of the Alimenta Group, pointed out that although the help of the private sector in the fight against hunger has helped, he specified that these are isolated, for which he considered that these efforts on the side of companies should be carried out in a coordinated way and can then escalate into public policy.

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“If we can’t coordinate these efforts among all of us and eventually become public policy, we won’t accomplish much. […] Look for synergies, encounters, how together we have a vision of how we are going to solve it and together I mean business people, the state, civil associations, us as a country,” he said. -he says.

In turn, Aníbal Velásquez, Senior National Public Policy and Alliances Officer of the United Nations World Food Program in Peru, indicated that investments are needed to work on aid against hunger, as well as the realization of the public- private.

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“There are opportunities to work on research for development with social accountability protection funds so they can scale up public policy and make these interventions sustainable. we have these experiences which I think can be the beginning of this problem that we are facing.

common pots

Abilia Ramos, president of the network of common pots of San Juan de Lurigancho and vice-president of the common pots of the metropolis of Lima, explained that the pandemic has generated a process of organization in the common pots, as well as the publication of a standard where they have recognition, as well as they proceeded to food recovery.

In the common pots, he added, they acquire fish from the “A comer pesca” program, as well as making poladas or selling food to be able to acquire gas cylinders. Other actions they have carried out are the sale of products at fairs to have income.

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“Now we organize fairs to sell our products. In the common pot it is cooked, but there is no payment. By generating these fairs, we would have [ingresos] to pay for electricity, water, education for our children,” he said.

However, common pots continue to face challenges. For this reason, Ramos asked the state to declare a state of food emergency, so that the state could give them a “decent budget”, in addition to applying an ordinance on urban agriculture to reproduce the establishment of orchards in more communities.

Likewise, he asked the corporate sector for support for the mobilization of food, in addition to job creation. He also expressed that it is necessary to create a working table between businessmen to promote the actions that the common pots have already carried out.


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