Capitanich has enabled works at the Gastón Foundation: “These are important works to strengthen social inclusion”

Governor Jorge Captain allowed this Sunday morning the second stage of the works carried out at the headquarters of the Gastón Foundation, which represented a provincial investment greater than the 15 million pesos. “These are very important works to strengthen a strategy of social and territorial inclusion in the area”, assured the president, within the framework of the development of the toilets and the kitchen of the Public School of Social Management n ° 9.

“Using this territorial space has been very good for sports inclusion and community development”, Capitanich highlighted during the qualification of the works carried out, accompanied by the president of the foundation, Rubén De Los Santos, and his work team.

The work consisted of the construction of a wet center within the premises of the foundation, with toilets for men and women, and a bathroom adapted for the disabled. In addition, a new kitchen with full equipment has been built.

At the level of the building, the foundations of the square and the upper enclosure were carried out, as well as the carpentry, the coatings, the ceilings and the painting. New air conditioners have also been installed in the multipurpose room.

The works, which were financed by the Ministry of Planning, Economy and Infrastructure (MINPEI) will allow the foundation to have spaces adapted to meet the different needs, allowing a better development of sports and social activities than it offers.

In the workplace School of Social Management N°9, which has 1,500 registrants in more than 30 free activities, including sports and those of the Community Cultural Centre. In addition to soccer, hockey, basketball, volleyball, kick boxing and figure skating; courses and workshops on dance (contemporary and traditional Argentinean), body expression, art, music, hairdressing, refrigeration, electricity and light carpentry, among others, are taught there.

The headquarters, located in the southern area of ​​Resistencia, lacked land use planning and basic social infrastructure until 2007. “There has been a sharp increase in the levels of investment in infrastructure. Urban and territorial planning space has enabled the development of social infrastructure and sports, and progress has also been made in a process of food and nutrition assistance, vocational training and building values,” added the President.

The provincial government supports the institutional work of almost 2,000 foundations and civil organizations with which policies for the promotion of training and work, policies for preventive health and inclusive social education, among others, are carried out. “There is no doubt that when we have an unequal society, the promotion of rights is essential,” Capitanich summed up.

The President of the Foundation, Ruben Santos He maintained that, especially the kitchen, “has a very important meaning”, recalling that, during the pandemic, the space was cooked for the children of the whole neighborhood and it continues to play that role for more and more people.

“It’s something very important to us and we needed it,” he said, anticipating that they were planning, depending on the new amenities, “to add breakfast, continue with the dining room and also the snacks, and the confectionery course also takes place here”, he said. In this context, thanking the governor for his attention “to the requirements of the institution”, De Los Santos said declared: “Today, his commitment is demonstrated”.


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