Carmen Crespo visits Almucar to check the works to improve the riverbeds in the face of possible DAMAGES that may occur

Carmen Crespo visits Almucar to check the works to improve the riverbeds in the face of possible DAMAGES that may occur

The Minister highlighted the investment of more than 4.4 million euros in actions to restore 75 canals in 33 municipalities in the province of Granada

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development continues to make progress in cleaning riverbeds and ravines to prevent the consequences of autumn and winter rains.

During her visit to the actions underway in the province of Granada, in particular in Torrecuevas Almucar, the Minister of Water, Carmen Crespo, stressed that the Junta de Andaluca “shows foresight, improves the channels with the cleaning and restoration work in the face of the coming rains”.

With this, what is intended is “to deal with isolated depressions in the high levels, known as DANAS, which can reach us with greater frequency as a direct consequence of the global warming that has occurred and which has resulted in an increase in the temperature of the Mediterranean Sea above 30 degrees”. That’s why “we consider it a priority to keep the riverbeds in the best condition,” Crespo stressed.

However, these works are “continuous” since “they follow the path started by the last legislature where we gave priority in our planning of hydraulic works to the forest restoration of the rivers and canals of Andalusia”, underlines the minister. And it is important to remember that in the last three years the Ministry has carried out a total of 619 actions in 153 municipalities of Andalusia, which have led to the improvement and forest restoration of 663 kilometers.

Therefore, we are facing “an overstrain of investments by the Andalusian government which has increased investments in environmental restoration by 320%”. This is undoubtedly “an unprecedented commitment in Andalusia within the framework of our water policy”, because “we are aware that this type of action is more than vital to ensure greater safety and prevent damage in case of heavy rain and avenues”, Crespo pointed out.

More than 4.4 million in Granada alone

The Minister of Agriculture and Water explained during her visit to the maintenance works carried out on the bed of the Almucar River that in the province of Granada, from January 2019 to July 2022, government investment Andalusian in the maintenance of the beds belonging to the Mediterranean Basin has been more than 4.4 million euros, acting in the cleaning and conditioning of the beds of the rivers, emergency tasks and conservation, maintenance and restoration.

In fact, this important preventive work of cleaning the riverbeds has extended, in the last two years, over 110 kilometers and has focused on the improvement of 75 riverbeds in 33 municipalities of the province of Granada. . This action made it possible to carry out reforestation work by planting more than 14,000 trees and shrubs. Currently, the Andalusian government is carrying out maintenance, cleaning and elimination of invasive vegetation in the beds of the Toba River and the ravine of Los Jarales (Los Gujares), the ravine of Trabo (Almucar), the ravine from Zacatán to Rijana (Gualchos), from the Agua de Cnchar ravine and the Drcal river (Villamena), the Drcal river (Drcal) and the Chite ravine (Lecrn).

During the visit to the bed of the Torrecuevas de Almucar river, the Minister was able to verify how this channel has been rehabilitated with the removal of sediments and reeds that were a risk and an obstacle. These works complement other actions that have been undertaken in this municipality by the Minister in recent years and which have had as their area of ​​action the Seco, La Herradura, Jate, Verde, Seco, Cabria and Cotorro rivers. .

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