CCOO will update its knowledge on travel accidents this Wednesday with a conference in Ciudad Real – Ciudad Real News

11.36% of work accidents that occur in Castilla-La Mancha are in motion and until August there are already half a dozen deaths due to accidents of this type. Muchas de las personas trabajadoras de la región desplazan a diario, y es por eso que el sindicato CCOO quiere actualizar conocimientos sobre la prevention de riesgos laborales en esta materia con la jornada que celebrará este jueves 27 de octubre en la sede de Comisiones Obreras Ciudad Real.

Analyzing this type of rate of work accidents associated with road safety and describing union intervention to minimize its incidence is part of the content of the conference, which will be attended by the general secretary of the CCOO of Ciudad Real, José Manuel Muñoz; the region’s CCOO Occupational Health Secretary, Raquel Payo; and technicians in the organization’s occupational health and safety field, as the union reported in a press release.

The day -for which registration remains open- begins at 10:00 a.m. and will be held in person, but it can also be followed online, and it is an opportunity to address a reality that, according to the CCOO, is not often not sufficiently addressed in risk assessments, despite the consequences in terms of the number of people injured and killed.

This was explained by CCOO Castilla-La Mancha’s Secretary of Occupational Health, Raquel Payo, who argued that “one in eight occupational accidents leading to work stoppage in Spain is traffic and in Castilla-La Mancha , we are adding six fatalities in the eight months of 2022 that the statistics reflect”. There is another illustrative fact, he added, is that “11.36% of work accidents in our region are due to displacement.

The Secretary of Occupational Health indicated that with the exception of the cases of professional drivers, this risk of accident “is undervalued in most prevention policies and company planning or is directly ignored, whereas in reality risk regulation does not distinguish between risks derived from traffic and the rest of potential risks”.

As for the case of workers who are professional drivers of trucks or delivery vans and motorcycles, they have become one of the greatest victims of this type of accident. “The obligation to respect certain schedules and timetables, work in areas and periods of high traffic density and vehicle maintenance conditions have made them one of the groups with the highest incidence of road accidents at work”, collapsed.

CCOO Castilla-La Mancha, an organization “committed to safe and sustainable mobility”, proposes a series of actions to reverse the trend and reduce the risks of these accidents at work linked to road safety, the health secretary has indicated. at work, and All this will be discussed during the conference this Thursday, October 27 in Ciudad Real.

In concrete terms, they propose creating the figure of mobility manager in large companies and in industrial parks, setting up mobility councils and drawing up a mobility plan.

Likewise, they are committed to public transport with rationality criteria, by sizing vehicles to optimize their use and efficiency and by establishing links with public transport networks.

Likewise, they ask to guarantee accessibility to work centers for pedestrians in safe conditions and without obstacles, as well as to promote the use of shared cars and bicycles, guaranteeing safe routes and parking.

On the other hand, they ask to integrate in itinere mobility and accessibility to the workplace in the assessment of professional risks, in addition to including the mobility audit in the studies to obtain a certificate system of quality.

Finally, they ask to integrate into collective bargaining the criterion of systemic relocation of workers to the workplaces closest to their homes.


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