Centers dedicated to scientific production and dissemination exhibited their work…

Centers dedicated to scientific production and dissemination presented their work and progress

V Conference on Research of the Faculty of Medicine brought together about fifty teachers and students.

Fifty teachers, students and representatives of eighteen centers, units and publications dedicated to the production and dissemination of scientific work at the institutional level, joined by important technology and innovation companies, participated in the 5th Conference on research of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valparaso.

The meeting took place at the Reaca Health Campus and, as in its previous versions, discussed academic activities and exhibitions aimed at encouraging, promoting and disseminating the work that said campus is carrying out in this field with an interdisciplinary approach and in collaboration with other UV faculties.

The day considered, in the first place, the intervention of the president of the Research Commission of the Faculty of Medicine and general coordinator of the day, Daniela López, who reported on the sustained progress that this field has experienced in recent years. . , centers and units that compose it.

This evolution has consolidated us as a reference institution in fundamental, clinical and applied research, having a positive impact on the community and responding to local needs. An example of this is the steady increase in the number of scholars with PhDs working on this campus, the University’s largest, and the increase in rates of scientific productivity and projects awarded with competitive funds. In addition, and in line with the above, it is worth highlighting a series of studies and field work within the framework of an institutional policy declared in its strategic development plan which has enabled it to promote the generation of knowledge, student participation in research work, publication in national and international journals and the awarding of projects with internal and external funding, specified Daniela López.

After his speech, the Director of Research at UV, Oliver Schmachtenberg, gave a speech, which positively appreciated the advances in health studies exhibited by the Faculty of Medicine.

Posteriormente, el programa de actividades de la jornada dio paso a la conferencia Medicina con perspective de gnero, que dicta doctora Florencia Tevy, acadmica e investigadora invitada del INTA de la Universidad de Chile y especialista en gentica vinculada al desarrollo del Plan Nacional de Genmica in Chile.

The first part of the day ended with the speech given by Dean Antonio Orellana, who, in addition to congratulating the organizers of the day, highlighted the capacity for collaboration shown by the representatives of each of the centers and units who decided to attend the meeting. .to approach research with a multidisciplinary and open approach.


In its second part, the V Conference on Research of the Faculty of Medicine of the UV envisaged an exhibition in which academics from eighteen centers dedicated to the production and dissemination of scientific work at the institutional level took part.

Each of these units had a module in which they presented part of the work carried out to date, with the support of equipment and other tools. They were joined by the editorial teams of the main magazines and publications aimed at disseminating the work that the University is carrying out in this field.

The units that participated in the conference were as follows: the Biomedical Research Center (CIB), the Center for Translational Neurology, the Interdisciplinary Center for Health Studies (CIESAL), the Center for Research on the Development of Cognition and Language (CIDCL), the Interdisciplinary Center for Territorial Health, the Center for Interoperative Research in Dental and Medical Sciences, the Chilean Pharmacopoeia Research Center, the Center for Micro-Bioinnovation, the Center for Neurobiology and Integrative Physiopathology, the Center Work and Human Factors Studies, Wound Clinic and Evidence for Care Improvement Research Group.

They were joined by the Student Scientific Societies of the Schools of Medicine and Medical Technology and the Benessere Journals, of the School of Nursing; Current Matronera, of the School of Obstetrics and Child Care; Childhood, Education and Learning (IEYA), from the Kindergarten; and Cognition and Language, a publication associated with the CIDCL.

Technological and scientific innovation companies Prolab, PrionLab, Gene X-press, Braun, 3M and Bioimaging were also present.

Posted on Friday, November 11, 2022

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