Chiclana: Alfonso Doncel presents his work through the virtual exhibition of the Vipren Foundation

Alfonso Doncel presents his work through the virtual exhibition of the Vipren Foundation. This was announced by the municipal delegate for Culture, Susana Rivas; the director of the Vipren Foundation, Miguel González, and the author himself, Alfonso Doncel. Thus, four of the artist’s collections that the public will be able to enjoy have been unveiled, namely ‘Brutnature’, ‘Il mondo’, ‘Constelaciones’ and ‘QB’.

During the presentation, the delegate underlined that “it is a very interesting work and that we invite the public to discover. Culture is not only about working on what the artist wants, since values ​​are transmitted to bring art and culture closer to people around the world”.

Moreover, the artist explained that “my artistic production is conceptual, that is to say, it is about works that try to communicate certain values. We make objects and these things are meant to communicate our own ideas and those of others, which we return and communicate our sensations, bringing knowledge to society”.

Miguel González summarized the life and career of the author, emphasizing that “he is a prolific artist, because every year he produces about fifty works and this allows him to have more than 1,600 works on the market. Although he devotes himself to various modalities, two-thirds of his work is sculpture. It is a contemporary work with a conception of art based on communication”.


“Brutnature” is a collection of sculptures that incorporate natural elements (driftwood, century-old roots, vines, palm pods) and present them suspended in stainless steel urns with fluorocarbon or braided stainless steel turnbuckles.

The sculptural ‘Il mondo’ collection presents spheres of different materials and textures, suspended by fine tensioners from a supporting structure in polished stainless steel.

“Constelaciones” is a collection of paintings and installations that the author has developed from 2008 to date, making a total of 25 works; It is based on the suspension in three-dimensional space of many five-pointed star-shaped elements connected to each other, with which it generates subtle but truly impressive works.

‘QB’ is a small sculpture composed of 52 cubic shapes in white marble, assembled with 120 connections in polyester resin; It is supported by a pine wood base lacquered with marine varnish, which houses an interior LED lamp.

Alphonse Doncel

Alfonso Doncel is a visual artist and designer. With a long creative career, he practices painting, sculpture, photography, object and corporate design, plastic storytelling and installations. He has also carried out ambitious collective and multidisciplinary projects and devotes himself to an intense research activity on concepts, forms, materials and elements, in their plastic, spatial and communicational application.

Armed with this deep empirical base, an in-depth multidisciplinary training and a refined creativity, Alfonso Doncel designs and develops experimental techniques as personal as they are essential, using various languages, supports, techniques and materials, making individual work compatible with group and interdisciplinary projects.

The artist from Extremadura currently resides between El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) and Badajoz, his birthplace; in both places he has a studio and a workshop, which he calls a+i+d (art, investigation & development).



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