CIDE is looking for a company to complete carpentry work

The City Council of Segovia approved last Thursday a new contract file for the finishing works of the exterior and interior carpentry of the facade and glass of the CAT building, the CIDE, after this land was left abandoned, without companies interested in carrying them out, in the competition initially called. Yes, the other six work packages that are missing to complete the building have been awarded, but not this one, which will now be subject to a negotiated procedure without advertising, with the idea of ​​inviting at least three companies to take stock with them. technical and economic aspects of the intervention and thus try to have someone assume it, although the new deadline is guaranteed. At best, it will be a few more weeks, but it all adds up to continue narrowing the options to see CIDE operational before the end of the mandate, despite the fact that the municipal government, officially, does not give in place to achieve this. Construction began in May 2011 with an execution period of 15 months and is still there, after the first successful bidder, Volconsa, went bankrupt in 2013, and the work of the last, Rogasa, led a year upon termination of the contract with a rosary. of judicial defects. In addition to many other conflicts between the two, such as the return of state aid precisely because of the delays, further complicating the completion of the work by having to resort to municipal resources.

From now on, there will be at least five companies, three from Segovia and two from Madrid, which will work over the next few months to correct the defects or complete the incomplete works of the Catalan company Rogasa; or six, if none of the winners of the rest of the lots also end up with the one that no one wanted at the moment. In June, this work in progress was supposed to cost around 300,000 euros, but it was finally put out to tender for 423,100.15 euros, which, with taxes, will exceed 500,000. And in total, the 14 million euros in the execution of material works will be exceeded, plus interest on arrears on State aid which was to be returned.

WORK IN PROGRESS. The first of seven lots has been awarded for 80,666.31 euros (VAT included) to Efiko, from Segovia, with 42 calendar days to complete the works related to the elements of the fire protection installations and replace some that do not comply with the regulations.

The second lot concerns the carpentry, which was unsuccessfully tried to award for 82,061.04 euros and a delay of 28 days. It includes the replacement of some defective panes and others already broken without opening the building.

Lot 3, also ordered from Efiko, in this case for 92,747 euros and 84 days, concerns the interior and exterior masonry finishes still pending or poorly executed, in addition to waterproofing tests.

Lot 4, awarded to Servicios de Empresa Inmobiliaria based in Madrid for 168,914.41 and lasting 49 days, includes the conditioning and commissioning of the air conditioning, centralized management system, ventilation and gas.

Lot 5, in the hands of Absat, also from Madrid, for 31,579.48 euros and 56 days, concerns the electro-acoustic system of the auditorium. Lot 6, for the electrical installations of Lumar, La Lastrilla, for 42,535 euros and 35 days to complete the electrical installations. And lot 7, for the Segovian Tecnocar Sistemas, with 7,635.1 euros intended to complete the installation of alarms, anti-theft access control and closed circuit television.

In theory, all the companies will be able to coordinate to move forward in parallel and the batch that takes the longest amounts to 84 days, or barely three months. However, later there will be the procedures for the acceptance of works, the supply of furniture or competitions to allocate spaces to companies, and the Ministry of Education has not yet officially presented the project of the innovation center VT that he plans to establish there and that Pedro Sánchez announced last November. He will give details in all likelihood before the next elections, scheduled for May 28, 2023, but, in any case, there are less than eight months left for the current municipal government to try to have something really operational in the building. controversial.


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