City Council and Board of Directors to sign agreement to reintegrate young offenders with social work

City Council and Board of Directors to sign agreement to reintegrate young offenders with social work

The Mayor of Almería, María del Mar Vázquez, received this Monday the institutional visit of the Minister of Justice, Local Administration and Public Service of the Junta de Andalucía, José Antonio Nieto, during which they held a working meeting during which the municipal council and the Commission announced that they will soon sign an agreement so that young offenders can serve their sentence in an open regime with community service.

Vázquez stressed that “on behalf of the city council, we are delighted to sign this agreement because it is inclusive and sensitive to young people who wish to reintegrate”. Likewise, he thanked the work of the Andalusian government to “increase the number of courts in our city, request a new social court and improve the infrastructure with human and technical resources that allow accelerating the demands of society for Almeria”.

José Antonio Nieto, for his part, explained that “the average age of these young people is between 14 and 17 years old and they generally respond to common law crimes, such as theft or family assaults, punishable by sentence of deprivation of liberty, which can be reduced or shuttled with the provision of these services”. In this sense, the counselor assured that “it is essential that young people can overcome these problems close to their families and to that, we have to work in collaboration with the city council”.

Community benefits are one of the unlimited measures that judges can impose on minors who commit criminal acts. So far this year, judges have ordered this measure for 47 minors in Almería and the annual average is around 60. The Ministry of Justice manages the centers and services where these measures are respected and has the power to sign agreements with public and private entities for their development.

new courts

Another issue that was discussed was the need to create new courts to improve service to citizens. In this sense, Nieto recalled that “the province has a very high activity rate and generates a high judicial activity that requires meeting these needs”. In fact, he said that the Council has requested the opening of at least one social court in the capital “because the workload is one of the highest in all of Andalusia and we must achieve, both at court than in the city of Justice, that the service is of high quality”.

A request that the Régie has already sent to the Ministry of Justice with the aim of “improving the quality of the space, reducing the workload and, if necessary, evaluating the expansion of the City of Justice”. However, as of December 31, two new tribunals will be active, one for investigation and the other for criminal law.

On the other hand, the city council and the junta have agreed to eliminate bureaucracy to reduce the overload of procedures that the regional administration imposes on municipalities in order to streamline procedures and make the most of municipal resources, both technical and ‘human.

rain damage

Finally, the need to assess the damage caused by the rains of last Friday was addressed. Incidents that, according to the city councilor, “we are going to evaluate to transfer them to the ministry since they coordinate this type of aid to the municipalities” with the aim of accelerating the repair and returning to normality “as soon as possible”. A commitment that the adviser acquired once “the damage identified, to collaborate since it is necessary to help those who help and that the municipalities are the closest administration”.

Prior to his appearance before the media, José Antonio Nieto greeted the government team and the opposition spokespersons and signed the Almería Town Hall’s Book of Honor.

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