City council plans to complete street lighting upgrade in October

The works of the Huelva City Council to modernize public lighting in the 21 areas of influence of Edusi in the capital continue “at a good pace”, being Full completion of the new facilities is scheduled for mid-October, as the consistory itself pointed out.

These works, with which 2,555 light points will be renewed with an investment of more than 1.4 million eurosbegan last July on the Paseo Marítimo, continuing through the Cardeñas neighborhood and the final stretch of Cristóbal Colón Avenue, as well as various streets in La Orden and El Torrejón.

The mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, indicated that it is a “very beneficial action in economic and environmental terms because it represents a consumption savings of almost 70%, as well as a reduction of approximately 900,000 KWh/yearwhich will prevent the emission of approximately 500 tonnes of CO2 per year into the atmosphere”.

“For this city council, it is a priority to improve the services provided to citizens, while committing ourselves to taking care of our environment”. And it is that, “in addition to improving the lighting in all the districts concerned, this renovation will result in significant savings in electricity consumption, with a double advantage for the city, since on the one hand it means a significant step forward in terms of environmental sustainability, by reducing CO2 emissions, and on the other hand, the reduction in electricity costs will be around half a million euros per year,” Cruz added.

This project was divided into five phases, of which the first, third and fifth have already been completed, approach the sector demarcated as an area for the implementation of the Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development Strategy -EDUSI Huelva PVPS, which is located in the center-west of the city’s population center, consisting of 21 areas or neighborhoods, divided into Lung Green, Parque Moret, Huertos, Laderas del Conquero and Alto Conquero, and 17 neighborhoods located in their vicinity, which are generically included in La Orden, Marismas del Odiel and El Torrejón.

To accomplish this, Metal Halide (HM), Color Corrected Mercury Vapor (VMCC) and High Pressure Sodium (HPV) lamps are being removed from the entire Edusi area. replace them with new ones with LED technology. An action aimed at improving the energy efficiency of public lighting installations, reducing CO2 emissions and making savings in the billing of municipal coffers.

To this end, they also implement remote management systems and IT tools which promote the continuous monitoring of energy expenditure by municipal technicians, the regulation of lighting levels according to the different hours of the night and the types of road network.

In turn, it is expected replacement of 19 of the 30 command centers which fall within the scope of the set of five zones in which the action has been divided, improving the characteristics of operation and maintenance. In addition, different types of LED luminaires are used and in terms of supports for lampposts, arms and columns, all those that are in poor condition or do not comply with the regulations in force are being replaced. Similarly, repair work is currently in progress at points where an element, protective box or earthing in poor condition has been detected.

This project is part of the objective of implementing the energy saving, sustainability and energy efficiency measures included in line of action 07: Development of Green Lung-Social Lung energy optimization to improve Energy Efficiency and Sustainability of public facilities, within the framework of the Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development Strategy of the City of Huelva: Regeneration of its Green and Social Lung (EDUSI HUELVA PVPS). These are actions co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), within the framework of the Operational Program for Sustainable Growth (POCS) 2014-2020, 2014ES16RFOP002, Axis 12 Urban.


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