City Council Releases Draft Job Bank List

The socialist government of the Town Hall of Ubrique finalizes the consultation procedures of the Budgets 2023which will be fully realized on December 13 after the call next week from the District Council (this Monday) and the Economic and Social Council (Wednesday). Today we talked about the municipal accounts and the investments that are considered outside the budgets for the next fiscal year in Everyone’s thing with Isabelle Gomez in representation of Municipal Socialist Group, remembering that it is a very participatory document, since its preparation includes all the conversations held with neighbors and groups. In the words of the mayor of Ubrique, “flexibility” is sought, “there are things that are clear and others that arise to be valued”. In addition to the budgets and investments for 2023, Gómez announced the publication this morning of the job bank draft list. The list can be consulted on the transparency portal of the municipal website, as well as on the notice board of the Town Hall. After a period of 10 days for the allegations, the final list will be published for its entry into force.

The mayor of Ubrique defined the budgets as going back to the pre-pandemic period and therefore of “recovery”, because “these are budgets that are redesigned normally and recover the investment capacity that we have”. In addition to the Investments chapter of the Budgets, Ubrique will have in this 2023 the 400,000 euros from Provincial Plans and the €650,000 from Dipu Inver, which will be executed as investments, although they will not be included in the accounts of the following year since they correspond to programs for 2022. Thanks to this mobilization of resources, a considerable volume of interventions in the locality is provided without having to resort to Investment chapter.

In the case of €400,000 correspond to Provincial Works and Services Plan 2022, They will target three projects. The first of them considers the street paving in various areas of the city for a value of 95 thousand euros, paving 6,500 square meters of public roads. Other axes aim to continue to act for the rock fall prevention. After the works worth 70,000 euros carried out in recent years with funds from the Provincial Council, 110,000 euros will now be allocated to continue focusing on other areas that have remained, such as Jazmín, Avenida de Cortes or Ubrique Alto, among others. A set of 195 thousand euros will be used to partially adapt the first floor of the Mercado de Abastos, in which there are no more open positions. A meeting room will be designed as a municipal amenity for entrepreneurship and the self-employed, and there they also intend to take over the 4 offices as a business incubation space.

Of the 650,000 euros from Dipu Inver, 236,000 will be allocated to the internal adaptation of the Harana Street rehearsal and recording location in the old london building173 thousand for the improvement of supply and sanitation networks from different areas to prevent the work from having an impact on the cost of the service billed to the taxpayer. Other actions included will assume that the replacement of the tent in the courtyard of the CEIP Fernando Gavilánthe acquisition of exhibition material for public roads, a functional chair for the Municipal Tourist Office and the purchase of a Vehicle for Works. Finally, Isabel Gómez recalled the events that will take place tomorrow on the occasion of the 25-N and praised the contribution of the students participating in the Expo-Emprende project.

Isabel Gómez, mayor of Ubrique in Cosa de Todos.

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