City of Almeria | La Pipa pipeline connection works reach 60% and will be completed in summer

Visit of the works by Councilor Carmen Crespo and Mayor María Vázquez. / ideal

The administrations ask neighbors for “tranquility” in the face of the inconvenience caused by certain works which “will mark a before and after”

Everything is going according to plan and, if there are no changes, the work to connect the La Pipa Alta and San Cristóbal deposits in Almería will be completed next summer. The works have already reached 60% of their execution after installing 8.15 kilometers of pipes, which represents 86% of the planned total –9.44 kilometers–.

This was reported yesterday, during her visit to the works, by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development of the Junta de Andalucía, Carmen Crespo, who asked the inhabitants of the capital the “tranquility” before some work in progress. to “bring future possibilities to the growth of the city and also to access to water”.

Together with the mayor of Almería, María del Mar Vázquez, the Andalusian head of Agriculture declared that this “complex work” is “essential for the future of the capital”. In it, 45 boxes were placed, almost 70% of the 65 projected through some works that generated about 170 jobs.

The investment of the Andalusian government in this action is approximately 11.6 million euros, an amount intended to improve the supply of the 167,000 inhabitants of the capital Almeria and the inhabitants of Bajo Andarax. Likewise, he stressed that this project “will make the necessary pipes available to the inhabitants of Almeria so that all the citizens of Poniente Almeria and the capital are connected to desalinated water”.

In addition to improving the guarantee of supply, this hydraulic project also contributes to recharging the Poniente aquifer by allowing the capital to “no longer depend on the Bernal well”.

For her part, the Mayor of Almería stressed that “we are facing an action that will allow the entire capital of Almería to have access to desalinated water through a pipeline that will connect La Pipa to San Cristóbal and that the whole area of ​​Cabo de Gata, La Almadraba and La Fabriquilla, which is Almería’s main environmental enclave, are seeing their integrated water cycle improved, improving purification and grouping discharges”.

Vázquez assured that “as mayor, but above all as a person from Almeria, I want to thank the Andalusian government for what this project entails because few things demonstrate better the ability to manage an administration with criteria of equity and equality to guarantee quality water equally to everyone.” In conclusion, he added that “in Almería, guaranteeing the future of water means guaranteeing a better future for all”.

Crespo again addresses the government to execute the works more quickly

One of the objectives of the Andalusian government is “to increase the resources made available to farmers”. With this same objective, the Ministry of Water is working “diligently”, according to Carmen Crespo, “to promote the tertiary treatment of treatment plants that allow us to have water recovered for our province” and that “irrigators have access to additional resources” .

Crespo recalled that the Junta de Andalucía has offered its collaboration to the Spanish government to finance 50% of the hydraulic works within the competence of the State which, in this way, “could be carried out more quickly”.

This is the case of the extension of the El Ejido, Adra and Roquetas de Mar wastewater treatment plants, where the implementation of tertiary treatment would enable the mobilization of 18.6 cubic hectometres of recovered water for the irrigators of the area, which are added to the 12 cubic hectometres planned by the Council in Levante Almería.

Likewise, the Minister again demanded the execution of pending works in Almería, such as the projects related to the desalination plants of Carboneras, Dalías and Almanzora. Crespo expressed his wish that these actions be a reality “as soon as possible” because “they are urgently needed”.


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