Common front to prevent accidents at work in Almería

Raising awareness, informing and training in the prevention of accidents at work: this is the objective of an action plan designed jointly by the Territorial Delegation of Employment, Companies and Self-Employment, the Business Confederation of Almería Asempal, the UGT and CCOO trade unions and the mutuals collaborating with the Social Security of Almería to develop in a coordinated and effective way measures that contribute to strengthening job security in the province of Almería.

The Joint Action Plan was presented today by the Territorial Delegate for Employment, Business and Self-Employment, Amós García Hueso; the president of Asempal, José Cano García; the provincial general secretaries of the UGT and CCOO, Carmen Vidal Salcedo and Antonio Valdivieso Montes; and the delegate of the Almería Mutual Fund, Antonio Camacho Marín.

This joint plan places particular emphasis on the prevention of accidents due to falls from heights, “given the current increase in the activity of this type of work, for example with the setting up of Christmas decorations in the municipalities and companies or the rise of the installation of photovoltaic renewable energy systems”, as Amós García pointed out.

All participants positively appreciated the meeting and the existing coordination to raise awareness and develop a calendar of joint actions, which includes information campaigns on social networks and the media, the distribution of material with recommendations for work heights in complete safety, specific training actions for the prevention of accidents due to falls, training of prevention delegates and strengthening of advice to companies by the Center for the Prevention of Occupational Risks.

“Falls from height during working hours have serious consequences and are the third most frequent form of fatal accidents, after traffic accidents and non-traumatic pathologies, and they represent a transversal risk present in many sectors. “, explained Amós García. For example, when performing tasks on the roofs of buildings and constructions, openings in buildings, working on scaffolding and with mobile lifting platforms for people, etc. ; in the cleaning of workplaces and exterior windows or the maintenance of facades; working on billboards or signs; installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems; tree pruning; the revision of the antennas in the buildings or the replacement of the stocks in the stores, among other activities.

The employment delegate explained that the Territorial Delegation and its Center for the Prevention of Occupational Risks have prepared various measures, such as an awareness campaign and training days on the prevention of accidents at work caused by falls, the reinforcement of advice to companies on work at height by the technical staff of the Prevention Centre.

The Bellwhich is already underway social networks and it will also be carried in the media, it is also disseminated by businesses, unions and mutual insurance companies in the province. with the motto “If you surely go up, you will surely go down”, includes awareness messages, advice and videos explaining how to avoid accidents due to falls from heights, analyzing specific cases of accidents that have occurred and how they could have been avoided. It also includes a brochure and a guide developed by the Andalusian Institute for the Prevention of Occupational Risks for the safe use of temporary lifelines. All campaign materials can be accessed at the link for download and distribution.

Also brochures and paper guides will be distributed recommendations for the use of temporary lifelines in the work that will be sent to employer organizations and unions and to companies in the province

Amós García explained that from the Occupational Risk Prevention Center they will strengthen business advice and information who carry out work at height with two measures: on the one hand, the technicians authorized to collaborate with the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate will place special emphasis on their informative visits to the companies to check the condition of the roofs and the adoption of preventive measures in work at height; and on the other hand, the number of companies participating in the Accident Alert program will be increased.

It is a program developed by the Occupational Risk Prevention Center for companies that have had two serious accidents or a death in the last two years or one, in which they can participate voluntarily and through which technicians from prevention They advise them for a year to improve their safety conditions at work and their preventive management. As part of strengthening measures to prevent accidents at height, participation in this voluntary program will be offered to a greater number of companies in the province.

Similarly, the Center for the Prevention of Occupational Risks organized for December 13 a business day face to face training focused on safety in working at height with the intervention of experts and companies specialized in this type of work and, in collaboration with the mutual insurance companies of Almería.


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