Complete work to properly access the TC career

The president of the Auto Moto Club, Enrique Verde, in dialogue with the Chronicle He expressed confidence that they will arrive on time with all the planned works, despite the fact that the rain of the past few days has been a concern, as they continue with the comprehensive works in different sectors. It should be noted that the internet has been completed on the circuit, guardrails have been built on the terrace of the pits, the electrical work is well advanced, as well as the meeting place for drivers and journalists and nests of poule were carried out in different sectors of the track. La Turismo Carretera takes place at the General San Martín racetrack on October 7, 8 and 9.

The rain of the last few days has left several sectors with water, for example the mixed zone, but also an area close to the curve of the sea, which prompted the operators to extract the water with a pump.

A wall near the control tower is finished and painted, which was done for more control and security. Bringing internet to the racetrack was a priority, something requested by the ACTC to do the transmission, to have good connectivity throughout that area of ​​the control tower, the boxes and the VIP area.

“A lot of things have been done. In the part of the Parc Fermé we still had the fences and at the request of the ACTC, as they had fallen due to the wind, we decided to make a wall with a portal. One of the requests was the press and pilots room, we believed that it was necessary and it helps us for the areas and that is why we decided to face the work. And God willing, we will have it, we are with tight times but they will end, it will also have internet so they can work comfortably. With a capacity of 50 seats for pilots and 5 for stewards”.

“We already have the Internet in the control tower, then we have to do the distribution, who has to come to the press room, then we will have to put a trailer where the television will be, which will also broadcast. They had asked us to 300 megabytes upload and download also internet support for any issues that may arise we also deal with that internet reach the boxes we will be able to have an antenna to be able to reach positions 4 and 5 to be able to use the guns take the barcode for people to come in. To be able to take the wristbands,” says Enrique Verde.

After the TC, the track will have to be redone

There are several potholes in the pit area, where paint has been applied, also areas of the track need this pothole treatment, which shows its deterioration over the years . Today, the General San Martín racetrack needs a new strip of asphalt, which would be placed on top of the existing one, a process that will come after the TC race.
In general, although the track would require a full painting, this will not be possible at the moment due to the high cost involved, but it is very well preserved; in the previous management, a good maintenance job was done.

“It’s weeding, cutting weeds, we’re going to change the traffic light pipe, which will arrive in the middle of the track, we’re going to lower it a little so that the drivers can see better. A sector has also been enlarged in the turn one so people can see.

The ticket is still sold online, as the idea is for people to buy it in advance. The values ​​are: 6,000 pesos for general and 10,000 for pits; from October 2 it will cost 2000 pesos more. On Fridays the TC has no activity, but you can enter, the activity is on Saturday and Sunday”.

“The truth is that I am very happy, because it would not be possible if we did not have the support of the provincial government and the municipality, both of Mariano Arcioni, of Juan Luque. We have been in contact, unfortunately we We had the storm which complicated us a lot, About a million liters of water accumulated on the track, but we are removing everything Just as the Cooperative Society helped us, they brought us fiber optics, they gave us cables, the businesses kept us going, so we’ll make a list because there’s a lot to be grateful for, but we got there for the TC race,” finally assured Enrique Verde.

The last time the TC came was in November 2017.

Several works will remain for the club

On the pit terrace, where there was once a plan to make an ice cream confectionery, rails have now been installed for the public to climb up and watch the cars that will be in the pit area. But without a doubt the autodrome could use some grandstands, beyond the fact that in some areas there are natural grandstands.

“In the pits, everything light board is being overhauled, with their respective sockets so that there are no problems, they were also working on all the railings. We had been thinking about it for a long time, not only for our races. , but also for the dives as it is a spectacular place to see them. In the future, the confectionery was planned there, but maybe we will make a grandstand with four steps to make it a bit more comfortable, but that’s a project for later. But for the TC, this place will be enabled for people to enjoy the cars, almost above the roof of the car.”

“There was the possibility of bringing in grandstands, but when we saw the costs and how much they charged us, it didn’t suit us because we had to charge a lot more for admission. We understood that it was not necessary, our racecourse has a practically natural view. But we will avoid bringing the stands because they are very expensive,” said Verde.

The electrical part is almost finished

The old kart track and the pit areas were demolished, in its place only the track remained and this closed space will be used for the teams to locate, trucks, motorhomes and VIP area among others.

“The electrical part took us a lot of time, with 8 more fins with their respective lighting, boards, sockets, with a fairly high cost, Fabián Guillén had a lot of work. The fins are motionless, cemented, the work is quite advanced, we want to put lighting on the public side, we will see how to make the old light work”.

Fabián Guillén is Enrique Verde’s trusted person for everything related to electricity, he has extensive experience in other careers in CT. And in this sense, he had to make a whole line of high voltage wiring to bring the energy from the boxes to the sector of the old kart track, all that remains is to place the streetlights, connectors, electrical outlets and respective tables.

“When Roberto Argento and Fernando Miori from the ACTC came, it was said that due to the large number of trucks and boxes that come to the events, we had to expand the area where they park. We opened the game from the kart track it is likely that the VIPs will come, maybe they will bring a grandstand with a view of the curvón del mar. This is being evaluated, we had to put energy for the tents ” , explains Enrique Verde.

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