Conacyt rewarded the best scientific journalism works of MERCOSUR – Nationals

Last Thursday, November 24, the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT) announced the list of winners of the fifth edition of the MERCOSUR Scientific Journalism Award, on the theme “Renewable energies and new sources of energy”. Two journalists from ABC Color were rewarded.

It is MERCOSUR Science Journalism Award, organized by Conacyt in which journalists and communicators from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Colombia and Uruguay participated, with journalistic material published in their respective media. Participants submitted their work related to renewable energies and new energy sources.

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The award has three categories: Professional written category, junior written category and photography category, declared void. They all have a first place, a second place, a third place and a special mention.


In the category Professional writinghave the first placework “Solar energy: when innovation is the only viable solution” by Edgardo José Goretta (Argentina); the second place for the material “The New Green Hope: This New Industry Promises to Add Dollars to Argentina’s Battered Economy”, by María Gabriela Ensinck (Argentina), During this time he Thirdly it was for the article “Can Paraguay turn its energy into development? », by Silvana Verenisse Bogarín Toledo (Paraguay), from the ABC Color newspaper. The Special mention it was for work “Peasants who promote energy change in Colombia”of Daniel Ricardo Guerra Roncancio (Colombia).

In the category junior writingthe first place it was for the article “Geothermal Energy Could Meet Electricity Demand in Bogotá, by Juan Esteban Correa Rodríguez (Colombia); the second post it was for the post “Green Hydrogen- Renewable Solution”, by Marcos Alan Benítez Cuenca (Paraguay), from the Autonomous University of Asunción (UAA). The mention special was for work “Renewable energies: how is Paraguay doing?” », by María Fabiola Méndez Irún (Paraguay)from the Autonomous University of Asunción (UAA).

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The international jury was composed of: Nicolás Camargo Lescano (Argentina); Eduardo Homem de Siqueira Cavalcanti (Brazil); Pablo Noé (Paraguay) and Maria Paz Sartori (Uruguay).

National winners

The winners of XI National Prize for Scientific Journalismwhose subjects were: Renewable energies and new sources of energy in Paraguay and Access to drinking water and sanitation.

Category winner “Audio – Radio – Podcast” was the work “Solar and wind potential in Paraguay”, by Julius Caesar Quintana, of Radio Caritas UC; in the category “Digital Portals”work got first place “Can Paraguay turn its energy into development?”, of Silvana Verenisse Bogarin by ABC Color. The second post it was for the material “The most used energy in Paraguay is not hydroelectricity”of Alejandra Anahí Sosa BenitezSciences du Sud and the Third place it was for work “The vital and absent water in the most humble communities”, by Mirtha Beatriz Gonzalez Schinini, of ABC Color,

They received mentions in the Audiovisual-TV category: Juan Alberto Cáceres Troche from Paraguay TV with the work “Vital liquid: the water problem in Paraguay” and Rodolfo Agustín Insaurralde Melgarejo, from the Multidisciplinary Center for Technological Research – CEMIT, for his work entitled “Assessment of the quality of drinking water from the city of Santa Rosa, Misiones.

In the category of university portals, turned out to be a winner Marcos Alan Benitez Cuenca with the work “Green Hydrogen – Renewable Solution”, published on the page of the Autonomous University of Asunción.

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