Construction works progress on new water intakes for irrigation in A Limia

La Xunta continues to work on improving and modernizing the irrigation of A Limia, with the drilling of 40 new wells which will thus complete the collection network of this region of Ourense. It is expected that at the end of February the 40 wells will be gauged, ie with the exact flow rate determined for each of them. In this way, the exact flow rate of each well will be obtained, which is essential for the design of the future irrigation network.

The Regional Minister of Rural Environment, José González, accompanied by the General Director of Rural Development, Inés Santé, supervised the work of three of the wells this Friday and said that the total budget that will be invested in them amounts to nearly 6 million euros, including the actions of pumping and electrification of wells.

Two drilling rigs are working in the area, and in the next few days they will complete work in the first three wells

Of the three wells that the aedile supervised today, one of them has already been completed, another is being drilled and, in the third, work is beginning on the pumping test and hydrological control for the correct sizing of pumping units. .

Currently, two drillers with full equipment are working in the area and it is expected that the drilling of the wells will be completed within these days. At the same time, the conditioning works of the land where they are located are in progress.

Agreement between the central government and the autonomous government

In addition, the rural environment manager recalled that these works were necessary for the signing of the agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, SEIASA and the four beneficiary irrigation communities. (that of San Salvador de Sabucedo, in the municipality of A Porqueira; that of Lamas Ganade and that of Alta Limia, in the municipality of Xinzo de Limia; and that of Corno do Monte, which affects the municipalities of Xinzo de Limia and Trasmiras) for the construction and operation of the works of the Project to improve the irrigation use of 40 groundwater catchments – A Limia 2022. The said project has a budget of 16 million euros, he warned, of which 80% will be financed by the ministry and the remaining 20% ​​by the irrigation communities.

The Ministry finances 80% of the cost and the 4 irrigation communes 20%

Finally, the Regional Minister of Rural Affairs and the Director General took the opportunity to visit the facilities of the A Limia Irrigation Information Office, located in the Agricultural Development Center of the Economic Development Institute of Ourense (Inorde). Through this office, all interested parties are kept informed of progress in improving and modernizing irrigation and in practices to achieve better and more efficient use of resources.

16 million euros for the cleaning of irrigation canals

José González has evaluated the 39 million euros that will be invested between the Xunta and the central government in the promotion of the agricultural sector of A Limia, one of the regions with the highest agricultural production in Galicia, both in agricultural products than in livestock products.

Likewise, the head of rural affairs also referred to the additional 16 million euros that the ministry has accepted to clean the canals of A Limia, in order to improve the management of livestock by-products and water and adapt agricultural practices in this region of Ourense. .

21 kilometers of rural roads belonging to the road network of the 12 municipalities that make up the region will be improved

To this amount, the city councilor pointed out, is added an additional million euros from the Xunta’s own funds in collaboration with the Diputación de Ourense for the repair of the roads in this region. In this sense, between 2021 and 2023, measures will be taken on more than 21 kilometers of rural roads belonging to 12 municipalities that make up the road network of this region.

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