Coslada rewards reform works in several public schools in the municipality

The Department of Territorial Policy of the City Council of Coslada has awarded works worth more than 100,000 euros in the public centers for early childhood and primary education Seneca and San Pablo, which will be carried out in the next weeks. To this must be added an investment of 300,000 euros in the improvement of the sports grounds in the centres.

The mayor of Coslada, Ángel Viveros, indicated that “due to bureaucratic problems, the adjudication of these projects has been delayed, which, however, is already underway and will be completed in a few weeks. These are actions in some schools that are of a certain age, in some cases more than 40 years old, and which require continuous maintenance and interventions to modernize the infrastructure”.

In the case of the Seneca School, the floor of the parking lot will be rebuilt and an accessible ramp will be installed in the English courtyard between the wall and the building in order to make this entrance accessible to all students. The budget is 45,642 euros and the execution time is six weeks.

On the other hand, in the CEIP San Pablo, the roof of the gymnasium is going to be rehabilitated, which had numerous leaks. In this case, the current roof system will be dismantled and a new roof skirt will be built with the incorporation of a layer of thermal-acoustic insulation and a ceramic tile finish. 44,690 euros will be invested in this intervention which will last five weeks.

The Councilor for Territorial Policy, José Sousa, explained that “also in the same center and following the problem of leaks in the roof of the gymnasium, the painting of the interior walls and ceiling as well as adjoining rooms with covered hanging rails and buttresses.

Work on sports fields

As part of the ongoing conservation works in the Early Childhood and Primary Education Schools of Coslada, the Roads and Works area will act on the outdoor sports fields, used both for training in physical education and for sports competitions and games. In this case, 314,488.50 euros were budgeted with an execution time of eight weeks.

Education councilor Iván López said they were going to “repair or rebuild nine sports fields in seven schools. These are facilities whose main element is the pavement which, due to the intensive use it endures, bad weather and in many cases due to its age, already showed a significant degree of deterioration. With this action, we are responding to a request from the centres”.

The repair of the tracks requires very specific means and products, so for relevant interventions on them it is necessary to call on specialized companies. Tracks subject to intervention are affected by wear, erosion, subsidence and failure to varying degrees.

The centers in which he will intervene are Torres Quevedo, Alfredo Landa, Pablo Neruda, Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, Séneca, Villalar and Blas de Otero.

The intervention also includes various complementary works around the tracks to ensure the evacuation of rainwater, as well as the repainting and marking of lines and sports grounds. The execution will be adapted as much as possible to the use of the centers, taking advantage of the hours or periods of non-teaching to affect their activity as little as possible.


In the maintenance chapter, the Roads and Works Brigade of the Coslada City Council, dependent on the Department of Territorial Policy, has carried out conservation and improvement works in practically all the nursery and primary schools over the years. last weeks, which have included plumbing, locksmithing, carpentry and electrical work. In some cases, it was necessary to replace doors and coat racks.

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